Monday, May 6, 2013

Why this past Weekend Rocked!

~Brooke brought home an 101 on her spelling test! Way to go girl! ;)

~I enrolled back in college! I was going for awhile before I got married and had kids, but got busy and side-tracked (all you moms know what I mean!) And so now that my youngest is finally off to school this Fall, I decided it was time. I am going into the nursing program. Something I NEVER thought I would want to do, but it has been on my heart lately. I want to eventually assist with births. Something about that magical moment a new baby is born.. I'd love to be a part of that! Anyway, my Mother-in-law was nice enough to watch Rachel while I went and did all this on Friday. I had to park and walk all over campus to get everything done.. I need to get into shape because I was exhausted by the end.. ha! I go back soon to talk about financial aid and specific classes and stuff. I am nervous but excited!!

~I had a dr appt on Friday also, and I feel like I am FINALLY getting somewhere! I have been having major stomach pains/issues for a few months now, and they can't figure out what it is. So I have been referred to a GI dr, and I hope they can give me some insight as to what's going on!

~Bought some oreo icecream as a surprise for the kids and we snacked on it this weekend.

~Found out that my custom cupcake toppers I had made for Rachel's birthday party have been shipped! I can't wait to see them! The details for the party are really coming along!

~I found a great deal online on some Crocs flipflops, and so I got myself some. Call it an early Mother's Day present ;) 

~Saturday I helped host a babyshower for one of my best friends. I was in charge of the favors and the games/activities. I went early to help everyone set up. It was a beautiful shower, in a pink/black theme. And they made some amazing food.. it was yummy! Everyone seemed to like the games I had chosen.. especially the lady that won the M&M's in the baby bottle for guessing the correct number, haha. I wrote a list out of baby gifts Chrissy got while she was opening them, so that she could have it for writing her thank-you notes later. I loved oohing and ahhing over all the cute, girly stuff everyone got her! I loved getting to finally see her new house and the baby's room, which is awesome. She did a great job on it. And I loved getting to spend the day with her since we don't get to see each other as much anymore!

~Saturday evening I went to a birthday party for another one of my good friends. It was at a local restaurant/bar. Her mom was hosting it for her and ordered lots of appetizers for everyone, and then they had a big cake from a local bakery. It was actually the same place they had gotten the babyshower cake, too. They make beautiful cakes and they are yummy, too! I think I had way too much cake that day ;) So I got to hang out for another couples of hours before I eventually went home. Arnold was a trooper for watching the kids all day and letting me have this quality time with my friends! I had a great day! :)

~Sunday it was pouring rain all day but we made it to church. I worked in the baby class during early service and had fun cuddling and reading to all my little ones! :)

~We ate some Dos Amigos on Sunday in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Not that it is authentic mexican food at all, but it is still good! haha! (I've been to Mexico and had the real stuff)

~Sunday afternoon Arnold and I managed to get a nap in while the kids played and watched some tv. I love Netflix for kids because they can only watch shows that are decent for their ages.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

At Chrissy's shower on Saturday. We have been friends for 17 years now! 

The hosts of the shower. Crystal, me, Jenny (her sister) and Tara (her mom). I loved that they wore outfits to match the theme.. I didn't even think of that!!

Cute punch for the shower. I actually made it because Chrissy was busy at the moment. Loved the pink duckies that swam around in the bowl. We added vanilla icecream to it also to make it look like a "sudsy" bath. It was cute and yummy!

The cake was amazing! They told the bakery what they wanted and they really delivered! The baby but was cake too! It was vanilla and the rest of it was chocolate/strawberry mixed. Everyone felt weird about cutting into the baby to eat that part, haha!

These are the favors I made. Inside the bags are chocolate dipped oreos. They were pretty good.

In the baby's room, they painted a chalkboard wall. They had everyone write a message to the new baby. What an awesome idea! Here is my message to the baby ;)

Chrissy in the nursery. They are very creative, they worked hard on the room and Chrissy even made the mobile herself. And isn't she gorgeous? She stayed thin, that is no fair!!

Later that night at Cori's birthday dinner. Here she is with her cake! 

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