Monday, November 4, 2013

Gift Ideas to get you Started

Since Christmas is NEXT MONTH, I know I'm not the only one trying to think of ideas for gifts? And while it is pretty easy to think of gifts for our kids or our spouses.. sometimes we need ideas for everyone else-- like teachers, classmates, co-workers, friends.. anyone who is special to us and we want to recognize at the holiday. But it's hard to find stuff to make or buy that doesn't cost too crazy much.

I found these-- and some of them I am going to do myself this year. A lot of these can be personalized to suit the person you are gifting.. with their fave. sayings, colors, designs, etc etc. So here are some ideas to get you started!! :)


 For the man in your life-- how about getting a pack of his favorite beer and adding googly eyes and pom pom noses and pipe cleaners to make "reindeer"? How cute and festive ;)

Maybe for the teen/hard to buy for? Get some candy bars and wrap up with some money and ribbon. Easy, and everyone likes chocolate and money!

Candy sleighs. These would be good to do for several people at once. Use a candy cane for the bottom part, layer with candies of your choosing, and wrap with ribbons and a bow.

Candy cane scrub. I bet this smells good. For the ladies in your life. There are so many different variations and colors of this online.. and the actual recipe. I was going to try this last year but never got around to it.

I am actually doing this for the kids' classmates this year. We already have the big packs of chapsticks. Then you just make the card say "Merry KISSmas and CHAPPY New Year!"

get some use out of old containers! These are pringles cans that have been washed out and they are wrapped in pretty scrapbook paper. And then filled with homemade cookies.

Grandparents would love framed picture of the kiddos. They can hold letters up to spell out a word or phrase.. options are limitless. Love, Peace, Grandma, Grandpa... whatever you want.

Personalized ornaments! They have little wooden letters at craft stores. You can paint them and even write on words, names or designs if you want to. Add a hanger and ribbon and you have yourself a cute ornament to hang on the tree!

I'm sure mailmen get overlooked at lot, but they have crazy jobs that are important.. I know I like getting my mail and packages (at least the good stuff ;) Here is an easy idea.. a big bag of M&Ms with a note attached that says "Thanks for driving MILES & MILES to bring us our mail!"

Homeade ornaments would be cute for the kids to make people. They have clear, plain ornaments at craft stores to buy. You can fill with cotton balls and make a snowman like this one. Or feathers, pom poms, sequins, glitter.. even candy. Whatever you like!

Individual packages of popcorn made to look like snowmen and topped with a pair of gloves is a cute idea. Maybe for neighbors or teachers?

Cute idea for friends or any girly girls. A package filled with nail polish, fuzzy socks, and other types of "feet" things. Include a note that says "May your MISTLETOES be merry, cozy, and bright!"

Another candy idea that is easy, just adding a note. Twizzlers with a note that says "TWIZZ the season to be jolly!"

Once again, they have big wooden letters you can buy at the store. You can cut out pretty scrapbook paper and attach it with some modpodge. (not too hard, I tried it last year!) Add some pretty ribbon to hang it and I'm sure any girl would love a cute monogram! :)

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