Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Past Week

Here is what we were up to around here this past week....
~I started doing my weekly grocery shopping at Target (most of it anyway) since I get the discount. I also used Target Cartwheel, and saved a total of $17 on my trip! awesome! I could have saved even more if I had coupons, but my printer is broken. I also got stuck in the section of Holiday goodies and came home with some Chex Mix "muddy buddies" and mmmm they are so delicious!
~I got to go see Arnold at lunch one day at work. I picked up some Subway to eat. It is still strange going to lunch with him and not dragging along the kids anymore!
~I don't know HOW I did it, but I lost my Toys R Us layaway sheet. I carry it with me and go pay on the bill every so often. Thankfully they were able to pull it up for me (after some trouble) and I was able to make my payment. I am also missing my "rewards" card. WHERE did I put them?!
~I broke out my Christmas cds. I now have 2 Trans-Siberian Orchestra cds, a Manheim Steamroller, and Ho Ho Hoey in my van to listen to at all times. It is driving Arnold nuts. He says I need new cds because he has listened to the same songs over and over again. But the kids are just like me and love it.. they even request certain songs now! ;)
~I worked Wed. night at Target, till closing. I like weeknights better than weekends because it usually dies down at the registers around 9pm, as people are at home getting ready for bed!
~Friday night Arnold went to the Eagles concert w/ some family. So the kids and I packed up and headed to my BFF Joanne's house. We all ate dinner together and then let the kids loose to play together. Joanne and I lounged on the couch and watched cheesy Christmas movies. It was glorious! ;)
~Brooke made an 100 on her spelling test! Go Brooke! Caleb made an 87.. he missed two but then got the bonus words right.. go figure! He usually makes 100 on his tests so I don't know what happened this time, but I'm still proud.. little guy works hard!
~Speaking of Caleb, he lost his 3rd tooth! It had been wiggling by just a teeny bit FOREVER and it came out while he was eating dinner!
~I finished the 1st in the "Windy City Neighbors" series by Neta Jackson. I LOVE her books! This particular book had a slow start but really picked up and the end left me hanging... ugh.. not one of those endings. So now I can't wait to get the next one!
~The kids, Arnold and I went out to lunch with Pop (my father in law) at Giovanni's. He called us up last minute and asked if we wanted to go. It was a cold day and we were doing nothing, so it was a nice surprise and fun to get out!
~I worked in the baby class at church. I hadn't been able to work one of my regular weeks because I was sick, so they called me in on another Sunday to help out. We had 3 little guys and one girl this week.. not too bad, and none of them cried which was awesome! ;) I also got to play with a little guy that has never been in there before.. I know his parents and I am glad they trusted me to watch him ;)
~I finally got Arnold to agree to a Christmas movie with me, and the other night we watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!!!! One of the funniest Christmas movies ever!!! :D It is a tradition, you just HAVE to watch that movie every year! The kids were probably having a hard time sleeping, with me laughing so hard ;) "Clark, is your house on fire?!" "No, those are just the Christmas lights!" Priceless :) 
Brooke and her friends Emma and Zoey, at their Fall dance.

Sheldon taking a nap on top of the vent, he was trying to stay warm :)

Caleb showing off the spot where his tooth was! Number 3 is gone!

Out to lunch for yummy pizza on Saturday with Pop!

Joanne whipping up some chili for our hotdogs Friday night!

Joanne surprised me with these cute little owl candles! Isn't she the sweetest?? :)

Was taking some pics of Ben and he was hamming it up!

Rachel let me put her hair up! She never lets me! She looks so grown up!

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