Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a crazy busy week celebrating Halloween. Wednesday night we went to another church for their big Candy Carnival. And wouldn't you know? I left my camera at home and wasn't able to get any pictures :( We went with 2 families of good friends and everyone had a great time. The theme was in Disney, and they had games to play, and characters dressed up and you could even get their autographs. Caleb even went up to quite a few princesses for their autographs ;) The girls got their nails painted, the kids got their faces painted, and then we waited forever in line for the kids to get a balloon animal (frog for Brooke, sword for Caleb, and puppy on a leash for Rachel) Since we were some of the first in line there, the kids got passes for free cotton candy or sno cones before we left.
On Halloween morning I got up a little earlier than usual and made the kids a special breakfast. The kids all had Halloween parties at school and ended up bringing home tons of candy and treats. After school I had some surprise gifts waiting on them. I had bought a few things here and there at big toy clearances over the summer and saved them. I also got them Halloween cards that I thought were really cute but they didn't seem to really care that much about ;) That afternoon the neighbors knocked on the door and brought the kids even more goodies. I had come down with a cold or something and was feeling awful, but was determined to get out of the house to have fun that night with the kiddos.
That evening when Arnold got home we got ready and went out for the evening. Krispy Kreme was giving out free donuts to everyone in costume so we took the kids to get one. Then as it was starting to get dark we went out trick or treating. I love that this year the kids were big enough to go up to the doors on their own, and we could just stay at the ends of the driveways and watch them. We had a talk with them before and they seemed to be really polite the whole time, so I was proud. Rachel even said "Happy Halloween!" to several people :) No one could tell what Rachel was supposed to be. She got a "Raggegy Ann", a "Pippi Longstocking," and a "Goldilocks." Haha... at least she was cute!
After trick or treating till around 7:30, everyone was hungry, so we headed to dinner. We went to Ihop since they were giving out free scary face pancakes to all the kids for Halloween. After dinner we went home and got everyone ready for bed, complete in Halloween pjs of course ;) We had a LONG day, but it was fun. The next afternoon after school the big kids went to a Halloween dance. Preschoolers aren't allowed to go yet so I picked up Rachel and we hung out together and had some fun on our own :)

I made these "pumpkins" for the kids on Halloween.

We made these treats for the teachers. Test tubes found at Target, filled with M&Ms and some bows tied on. They were cute, I thought. We like to do little things for the teachers at holidays :)

Brooke made this spiderweb art at school.

Gifts set up for the kids after school. 

Anyone else have Lalaloopsy fans? We had to get this year's Halloween girl. I LOVE how they have one come out for every holiday, and can't wait to see the one for Christmas this year!

Cutest napkins I found at the store and had to have them b/c of Sheldon!

One of the houses the kids went to for candy. It is so done-up every year with lights, decorations, and music. They really get into it!

Out to dinner after trick or treat. I didn't really dress up but I did wear some black and orange for Halloween colors.. that counts, right??

Scary face pancakes the kids got at Ihop.

Wearing their halloween pjs to bed that night.

All the candy they got-- a RIDICULOUS amount!!

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