Thursday, March 13, 2014

Random yet Important Ramblings!

The kids had Literacy Night at their school this week. It was supposed to be last week, but it got rescheduled because of bad weather. They do this once a year and it is to promote reading with the kids. We went to the gym and the chorus sang some songs for everyone. Their theme was musicals and they did songs from Rent, Grease, Lion King.. it was so cute. Then we broke up and went to classrooms by grade levels and they did activities. Before they left all the kids got popsicles. So it was a pretty fun time. Then we went to dinner at El Paso with our friends Chasity and Shane, and their kids.   

All the kids who went to the Literacy Night got homework passes. So Brooke didn't have to do her homework one night this week. We picked the night she usually has to write sentences (that takes forever)

Did anyone watch the new show "Resurrection?" I kept seeing commercials for it for weeks and thought how crazy and dumb it looked. I don't believe people will just pop back up one day when they are dead. But I read online several things about it and was intrigued, so Arnold and I watched the first episode. It was actually really good. Emotional, thought-provoking, with an air of mystery (there are some details that are hard to figure out) and a tad bit of creepiness to it (I mean how would you feel if your child who had been dead for 32 years showed up on your doorstep one day? How would you wrap your head around that?) I was afraid I was going to be having dreams that night of my Grandmother who died when I was 15.. but I didn't. Anyway, we will probably keep watching, because I want to see what happens!

We went to the gym Tuesday night for our workout. We are trying to go around 4 times a week, Tuesdays, Wed, Fri, and Sat, unless things come up. Tues evening went well and we did all cardio. With this week's hard work and dedication to my calorie goals,  I am hoping my weigh-in on Saturday will go really well! But I must say.. that I am seeing a lot more energy these days. I am waking up earlier in the mornings and not dragging in the afternoons! It is nice! And I am proud of myself for sticking with it, because many nights I will admit I wanted to go on a binge and eat several things that were bad for me (biscuits...cookies... jellybeans.. you name it.) Right now all I want is a big bowl of pasta and some whoppers candies. Why is it that you crave food SO much more when you tell yourself you CANNOT have it? Eek.

Someone mentioned on a Mom forum I am on that the next Happy Meals toys coming out are My Little Ponies (these in the picture.. and boys' toys are Skylanders) Aren't they cure?! I LOVE it when they come out with cute toys. We are trying to cut back on bad foods, but we occasionally get the kids happy meals.. especially on real busy days when we have stuff going on. I think We may have to go to several Mc Donald's just to buy the ponies.. I know the girls will want to collect them ;) And ok.. maybe I do too!

The other day I saw my mom's pic show up on a local town near us' City page.. and then later she tells me that she did a speech and a tour for some local high school students that came in to her work. She is the Executive Assistant at ECCCM, a crisis ministry in the area. (She used to volunteer there and they ended up offering her a job because they liked her so much!) Anyway, I had to call and tell her.. she is still getting the hang of facebook and I knew she probably hadn't seen the pics. Of course she was asking me how she looked in the pics.. haha, typical Mom ;) Anyway, I was proud to see her on there.. she is an amazing woman who helps many people! :)

Took this picture of the kids the other morning before school. It was a beautiful day.. I think the high ended up being 76 degrees! So they got to wear some of their new spring clothes. They wanted to hold Sheldon in the picture, too.Later when I put the picture on facebook I noticed that Sheldon was actually looking at me so the picture turned out pretty cute. I have no clue what kind of face Brooke was making. And yes I know Caleb's hair is awful.. he has the worst morning hair! And I also realized that I put them all in shade of blue.. I did NOT plan that.. although I sometimes make them all match because it is so darn cute ;) Although I know before long they will complain to me it is totally not cool and they won't let me ;)

We finally got around to setting up Brooke a consultation at a local Orthodontist's office. The dentist says she needed to go because she has a horrible OPEN bite and her jaw is mis-aligned. Probably due to the years she spent sucking her thumb (and here I thought I was avoiding any problems when my kids didn't take pacifiers!) Anyway, they sent over x-rays and want to take a look at her.. because she will need braces sometime in the near future to fix the problems. She actually will be going to the same Ortho I saw when I was a kid, so that is pretty neat. Worrier that she is.. she wont' stop asking a million questions about it.. will it hurt, what will they look like, can I pick the color, etc etc. Sheesh. Meanwhile I just worry about the cost! Thank goodness we have dental insurance that is going to pay part of it!

I got all my financial aid stuff filled out again, and this time I am on top of things and I WILL make sure that I don't miss any deadlines or have any problems like last time! If all goes well I will be starting back to college for the Summer semester, in May! I have been sooo worried lately about finding a job and why isn't anything working out.. but this may just be my answer. With going to college and taking care of the kids this Summer.. I may be too busy to have a job right now anyway. Who knows... (yes I am still looking currently though.) Anyway... I am so excited to get back into the swing of things. And I have decided to change my major to Social Work. I have flip-flopped between that and Elementary Education forever now, and I think I have finally made up my mind that I am going to go for the degree to become an Adoption Social Worker. I know I have the life experience that makes adoption so near and dear to my heart. Plus I love helping people, and LOVE all things pregnancy/baby.. so why not devote myself to helping babies and children find their forever homes? And help pregnant women in crisis figure out a plan for their lives? After all, I was there at one time and I know how scary it is! And helping at the Pregnancy Care Center has just made me realize even more that helping people is what I want to do in a career. So wish me lots of luck! :)

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