Monday, March 3, 2014

Week in Review

We have had a lot going on this past week, I didn't even find time to blog.. here are some of the highlights of what went on...

~We went to Village Inn with friends Monday night. It has become sort of a tradition. While there I saw a "help wanted" sign and applied there. So we will see if anything comes of it. Yes, I'm STILL having a hard time finding anything. It is frustrating. But I know it will work out.

~Tuesday the guys came out and put up our new gutters. They were here for about 4 hours and did a great job. The color they picked looks pretty great with our house. It was hard giving up all that money to get it done, but it had to be done! Arnold said he couldn't wait for our first rain afterwards to see how well they really work for us, haha.

~Tuesday evening Arnold and I went to the gym and got me signed up for a membership. He has been trying to get me to join for 8 years and I've been too nervous. He has a lifetime membership already. But finally I am ready, and so I now am a member there and we can go workout together whenever we want.

~Wednesday Arnold and I both got to go with Caleb and his class on their field trip to the science center. It was a lot of fun. We spent the morning exploring the place and Caleb was running around crazy with friends, trying to soak everything in. Then we all went to a big meeting room and had lunch. I had packed Arnold and I a lunch in one of my 31 lunchboxes :) After lunch we went to the Planetarium and watched a show and learned lots of neat things. All the kids seemed to think that was cool. It tied in with some of what they are learning at school right now. And lastly, they went to the aquarium. Caleb got to touch a stingray, and he said it felt "slimy." I am so glad we got to go with him and spend some time with his whole class :)

~Thursday evening they didn't need me at the Pregnancy Care Center, so I went out for awhile on my own, while Arnold took the kids to his parents' house. I walked around the mall and  got the kids some more new spring clothes at Crazy 8, and found me some stuff for the gym. Then I picked up Chick Fil A for Arnold and I and went home to watch Grey's Anatomy! I am soo happy it is finally back on! I was so excited to see what happened with April and Jackson, and I am happy with the ending :)

~Friday both the big kids had spelling tests and they both made A's! So proud of them! That afternoon they had a makeup Valentine's Day Dance since it had snowed the day of the real dance. Rachel isn't old enough to go to the dances yet, so I picked her up and she hung out with me :)

~Friday evening was our first official trip to the gym. I went in feeling really nervous but eventually seemed to get the hang of things. We warmed up for a little bit, then Arnold took me around and showed me all the machines, and how they worked. While we were at the machines we took time alternating doing sets. Some of the workouts were pretty easy to me and some were really hard (like the arm workouts.. hey, but women usually are weaker there than men!) I got home that night and was pretty sore. But I slept GREAT that night and I swear I woke up with more energy!

~Saturday officially started our 10-week weightloss I am doing with friends. We all posted a pic of our weight on our facebook group, to see where we were starting out. That was rough to post, but I know these girls support me and we will work this out together! We also headed back to the gym for a few hours, while Brooke went to spend the day with a friend, and the little kids came with us and stayed in the childwatch. 

~Sunday our washing machine bit the dust. We had a load in there going, and then we started smelling something burning and the motor had gone out. Sooo yeah.. Arnold had to wring out all the clothes and take them to his parents' to finish washing and drying. And we had to clean up a big water mess and move the machine out of the way. His dad and him went to Lowe's that afternoon to pick us out a new washing machine. I hope this one lasts for awhile!

~Sunday evening I went to have some girls' time with Jess. She is my oldest friend (almost 13 years now) but we don't get to see each other that much because she works during the week. We went to dinner at Applebee's and I got one of their weightwatchers dinners- lemon shrimp and rice. It was really good and within my calorie range, but I was hungry later on ;) Then we went to Target and I got me some diet snacks to hopefully keep me on track. And before I went home I stopped by Mom and Dad's to see them and chat for a little bit. Mom sent me home with a tub of cookie dough so I could make cookies for the kids. That is just mean... they look really tempting! :)

~Late Sunday evening after the kids went to bed Arnold and I watched the Oscars. I don't think he cared too much about it at all, but he didn't really want to get up off of the couch. I think the workouts had him sore too ;) I loved Ellen hosting, she was hilarious. And I always love seeing what everyone is wearing. There were some pretty crazy/funny moments, too. I loved the selfie they took for twitter. Some of my fave celebs were in that pic (Julia Roberts anyone?!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! :)

I didn't take a lot of pics this past week.. but here are some of Caleb's field trip...

Caleb at the Science Center

Eating lunch

In the planetarium waiting for the show to start

Walking through the aquarium.

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