Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday we actually had some snow on the ground.. it seemed to come out of nowhere. And the kids had another day off of school. Not much to talk about there!

Saturday was an amazing day.. right around 70 degrees and beautiful outside (crazy NC weather!) We headed out to the gym for a workout. We decided to do all cardio that day and so I walked on the treadmill while listening to music on my cellphone. I also did my first weigh-in this week, and have lost about a pound and a half, so I am proud of myself :) I am ready to start seeing the numbers really go down! When we got home we took showers and made some lunch. Our lunches mostly consist of sandwiches, baked chips and fruit these days, but I am getting used to it! That afternoon we rested some around the house and I finished up a book I had been reading. Then we went out and took the kids to a local park that is pretty awesome. They have an awesome slide that is high up on a hill.. and the kids ran straight to it. Brooke and Rachel held hands on the way up the hill.. wish I could have captured the sweet moment, but I forgot my camera! Then the kids went down the slide together. Arnold and I sat on a bench together and watched them play. It was SUCH a nice day! After the park we took the kids to get some slushies at Sonic and I got a diet coke with cherry. I just love their ice there! And on the way home we made a stop by the grocery store to pick up lots of fruits for snacks. We are trying to keep mostly all healthy choices around the house so we aren't tempted. That evening Arnold cooked us tacos and rice for dinner.. so yummy! And when the kids went to bed we caught up on some shows that we had missed this past week. The past 2 episodes of Glee have been pretty good!

Sunday morning around 3:30 AM I woke up and just couldn't get back to sleep. I started to have a panic attack, so I took some of my anxiety medicine, and eventually passed out. Well that is all well and good but I slept through church! I was supposed to get up and go watch my babies since it was the 2nd Sunday of the month. Oops :( Thank goodness I heard they only had 2 little ones there this week, so they weren't too crazy. It felt good to rest though. After some lunch we got ready and headed up to Baker's Mountain. Arnold had been wanting to do some hiking forever, so we finally got to go. We chose to do the red trail which actually was 2.2 miles and the hardest one, with lots of hills to climb up. I was ok except for the hill parts, and realized just how out of shape I am! But that is starting to change, and that is what matters! The kids had a great time.. just being in nature.. but they all slipped and fell several times because they were wanting to go too fast on the trail. After awhile they were complaining of being too hot and tired, but I am proud of them for making it. We got to be in some beautiful scenery and take lots of pics. I actually haven't taken any pics of the kids this month yet, so I was behind! ;) At the end of the trail we all collapsed on a picnic table and rested for a minute. 

On the way home we took the kids to get some icecream as a treat. Then when we got home they still wanted to play outside (guess they got their energy back!) so they went on and I took a shower. Arnold and I rested for awhile and I uploaded all our pictures for the day. And I updated My Fitness Pal which said the hiking for 90 minutes burned about 900 calories! So it was totally worth it. Although I'm not sure how soon I will be going back.. since it was so rough on me! But I guess that is the way to get stronger.. is keep trying. That night we had chicken breasts, mac & cheese, and veggies for dinner. Pretty healthy meal but still so yummy! I swear food tastes soo much better now that I am on this diet/lifestyle change. I appreciate it more ;) We got the kids showers and ready for bed, and I think they were pretty wiped out from the day. Arnold and I stayed up to watch some more tv and before bed I started reading a new book, "The Husband's Secret." I had heard great reviews, and it is pretty good so far! 

Hope everyone has a great week! :)

Saturday at the park. I got to break out some short sleeves and wear my new doxie shirt I ordered the other week. And of course wearing my doxie necklace also, that Arnold got me :)

At Baker's Mountain on Sunday afternoon

Starting down the trail

Much of the walk the girls were holding hands. They can be so sweet sometimes :)

We stopped to rest and take a few pictures.

Caleb took this picture of Arnold and I.

Rachel at the end of the hike. This pic says it all. She is exhausted, red-faced, and has dirt on her knees from tripping and falling so many times :) Poor girl! Towards the end of our hike she said "I just don't think I have enough energy and muscles to get through this!" Haha :)

Right after the hike after we finally reached the car. Sitting down in the air conditioning felt so good! No makeup on, but a healthy glow from being active! I felt pretty good all yesterday afternoon and evening! :)

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