Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Letter to Caleb at 7 Years

Dear Caleb,

7 years ago we were getting ready to meet you. I went to the doctor early in the week and they told me that you were breech! They said I could either go in for a c-section or try an external version (flipping you from the outside) and then induce. I chose to try the version, so I could try to do natural birth like I had with your sister. Thursday morning the 8th of August, 2007, we checked into the hospital bright and early. Two strong male doctors got to work on my tummy, manipulating you until you finally FLIPPED! And YES it HURT badly.. but it was so worth it to have a normal birth. Your daddy was actually given the task to "hold onto you" while they started the induction process, so you wouldn't flip around again! We should have known you'd be a stubborn little fella from the very beginning ;) I labored the entire day, I guess you didn't want to leave the warm comfort you were used to living in. I walked up and down the halls with your Grandma and Great Grandpa, trying to speed things along. Then FINALLY at 6:35 PM that evening, you were born. You came out screaming, and proceeded to pee right on your daddy's foot! (I don't think he minded though) You were 7lbs, way smaller than Joseph and Brooke had been, so we were very surprised. Everything we brought with us was way too small for you! We sent Grandma out for some preemie clothes to get you through the beginning of life! You had tiny little chicken legs and your tiny feet wouldn't stay in ANY socks we tried. You were mostly bald, with just a tiny bit of fuzz on top. So you were then affectionally nicknamed "Fuzz Head." You also earned the titles of "Tiny Baby" and "Bobo" (from Brooke, who couldn't even say "brother" yet!" We STILL call you Bobo to this day.. but we mean it with love :)

You have really grown into an amazing little boy. You look just like your daddy. I mean seriously, like a teeny version of him. Your hair has become a bright blonde, and your eyes have stayed blue. You still have tiny legs, and are pretty skinny. But you still love to eat! Recently you have gone through a growth spurt and shot up tall, and you eat anything you can get your hands on. Somehow we lucked out and you got my "perfect" teeth and haven't had a cavity thus far, even though your sisters have already had several!

You are sensitive and thoughtful. You can get into some serious moods-- laughing one minute, then crying or screaming the next. Your dad says you are the most like me, because of the moods ;) You are the most helpful of all my kids, always doing what I ask you to do (and usually not complaining about it!) You are so sweet being a big brother to Rachel, trying to help her do things like put on her shoes or watch out for her safety. Sometimes it comes across as bossiness, but I know you mean well :)

You love doing little things with your hands. You are JUST like your daddy in that sense. You like putting things together and taking them apart. You love legos and ask for lego sets on just about every holiday and special occasion. You sit calmly and read the directions and work on that creation until it is finished! You are very into detail and like things to look right. You also love superheros and have since you were really small. We redid your room to a Superhero theme this past year, complete with bright walls and superhero curtains and sheets. Your favorites are Iron Man and Hulk. You also really enjoy watching movies and love to go to "guy movies" with your dad or Paw. Daddy eats it up that you love the same things he used to. He even gave you a big box of his old toys this year. Complete with GI Joes, action figures, Jeeps, and more. That was really hard for him to part with but he wanted you to have them!

You just finished up the 1st grade. The teacher told us you were their Class Clown, and I'd believe it! You like to be silly and make up silly little dances you do to entertain us. She said you were especially flirty with a little girl in your class. Little girls love to follow you around and think you are just adorable (your mom agrees!) You really excelled in reading this year, and were above level on that. You earned several AR reader awards. That made me proud because you know your Mama loves reading! You do well at other things too, and you seem to have a knack for drawing. Once again with the details.. you are very careful and make sure your picture is perfect before you are finished!

You used to be a very shy and attached little boy who clung to his parents, but I think you have really come out of your shell lately. You made a lot of friends at school and even had a "girlfriend" for awhile this past year, even though you didn't like me to talk about it because it made you turn red :) You say this coming year you are looking forward to being in the art club at school. We tried to get you interested in sports but so far you have been too "shy" but we are going to keep trying in the future!

Your daddy and I are very proud of you and are so blessed to be your parents. We know you are the middle child and squished in the middle of two sisters so it is hard sometimes to be around all that drama and girliness, but maybe that will make you more sensitive as you grow up. Your future wife will thank me for that! ;) We hope you have an amazing year of being 7 and we can't wait to see what the year brings. We love you little Bobo! :)

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