Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This picture is now my screensaver for the computer. I love how cute the kids look!

I just finished this book. I love Mary Kay Andrews!!

Monday evening Brooke had her first cheer practice of the season. she missed last week's practices since we were at the beach, but she jumped right in like she never missed a thing. They have a new coach this year and are on a new team with older girls. they are learning new dances and cheers. They are learning to do a jump/split in the air, which she has to practice on. At least she is flexible!!

This popped up on my facebook newsfeed yesterday! John Stamos' birthday.. and he turned 51. That man does not age (well badly anyway..) he is sooo sexy. I just gotta say it! ;)

Last night I took the kids to open house night at school to meet their new teachers. Rachel was scared to go into her Kindergarten classroom at first, so I had to convince her. Her teacher and assistant seem really nice! They showed her where her cubby is, and took a picture of her with a toy guitar to put on their wall saying "Royals Rock." She found out one of her best friends from preschool will be in her class too! Then we went to meet Caleb's teacher. Two of his best friends are in his class too, so he is happy. He was a goofball the whole time we were there, and I am seeing why his teacher last year said he was their class clown! Lastly we went to meet Brooke's teacher. She said she would be patient with Brooke and her ADHD stuff. She gave all the students glow bracelets to take home with a note saying "We will have a bright year!" Overall I am very pleased with what I am seeing so far, and I think the kids will have a great year! AND, our school system received a grant over the summer and now ALL kids in the school get FREE lunch AND breakfast! They are looking out for a lot of kids that don't get all their meals, probably, and that is just awesome! 

Today is my wonderful parents' 42nd anniversary! They were married in 1972. It is rare to see people married that long anymore, so it is something to celebrate. They have been a great example of marriage for me to look to over the years. They have had their hard times, sure. They even owned a business together when I was a kid, and I saw them struggle a lot with getting along then. But they made it through and they love each other very much! I am blessed to have them as parents! They are out of town this week on a trip, and I hope they are having a great time!

The day we got home from the beach we spent the day putting everything up and cleaning. we had been using cash from a BB&T envelope during the trip, and still had $200 when we got home. I was going to put that towards school supplies. Well when I was out the next evening I noticed the envelope was missing! I thought maybe I had accidentally thrown it away in the kitchen thinking it was junk so I looked... nothing. Arnold and I tore apart the van and cleaned it well and never found it (at least the van was clean after!) I even was desperate enough to dig through 3 trashbags (one had CAT LITTER in it) and it was sooo nasty. But nope, it wasn't there either. We had just about given up. I was feeling sick on my stomach. Then that evening we looked in the kitchen cabinet and saw the envelope!!! It had gotten stuck between two packages of coffee we brought home and put up in the cabinet. I was sooo relieved. And I think Arnold was a little irritated I had put him through all that.. but hey, he wasn't the one digging in trash!!!! ;)

~Our niece Rebekah had been home schooled last year. This year they decided to put her in public school. They wanted her to go to the same school as our kids, but they weren't in district. So they wrote a letter and paid, and they accepted her! So now the kids have a family member at the school. That will be neat I guess.. and Bekah is trying out cheerleading too, so Brooke gets to see her at all the practices and games.

~Arnold has been working some crazy overtime hours at work this week. He leaves early in the morning and gets home late at night. They have customers from Germany in this week, and he has to do training. Last night he went out with them to a business dinner. He didn't get home until 9pm. I was pretty bummed because I hadn't seen him the whole day-- plus I was exhausted with the kids all day. But then he showed up with a chocolate mousse dessert from the restaurant, so all was forgiven!! ;) It was sooooo yummy!

~I went out shopping the other day and found the kids some cute fall clothes for school. I don't know why that season seems to be the most fun for shopping. I went to Kohl's and got the CUTEST dress, leggings and bracelets for Brooke's first day of school and I am going to wrap it up and give it to her as one of her birthday presents. And speaking of birthday presents, we are going to let her open them a few days early, on saturday, since her birthday this year falls on tuesday, and that is the 2nd day back to school! 

~And for the big news.. I started back to COLLEGE this week!!! My first day was Monday. I go every day but Tuesdays. I have 5 classes, and one is online. So far I have been to my English and Typing class. It is going pretty well so far. I will write a whole post about that later though!!! (so be on the lookout ;)

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