Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Edisto Beach Trip 2014!

We got back from our beach trip on Saturday and so I wanted to write a blog to share about our fun times. It is hard to go back and remember exactly what happened on what day and all the details, so I will just write the highlights on here, and share some pictures! 

~We went to Edisto Island in South Carolina. It is a pretty nice beach and way more laid back than a place like Myrtle Beach. There is not a lot to do on the island, it is a more relaxing feel. My parents have a timeshare there, and let us use it for the week. We are so very grateful for that! They picked that place because they LIKE to get away from the craziness! We enjoyed it, even if the grocery store nearby was SMALL and overpriced, ha ;)

~It took us around 4 and a half hours to drive down there. The kids did better than I expected actually. They stayed busy with their electronics and watching Alvin and the Chipmunks on the van's DVD player. We stopped halfway through to get lunch at Applebee's. We got there around 5pm, unpacked, and we got hit with a HUGE storm right away. We went to buy groceries that night to use for the week in our condo.

~The kids LOVED the beach and especially the ocean. well it did take Rachel a little bit to warm up to it, but after she was good. The kids went out there with Arnold everytime, because I am not a big fan on the ocean. Too dirty and too many icky creatures out there! We actually saw FIVE people come screaming from the ocean with jelly fish stings while we were there.. glad it wasn't any of us!

~I enjoyed sitting on the beach in my new chair Arnold got me. I read a new book and people watched on the beach. I also broke the rules a little bit and took grape crush drinks out in glass bottles to drink (my favorite!) but no one found out so it's all good ;) 

~Brooke was so cute on the trip. She was high energy and non stop like usual. Every time we had to leave the ocean she whined she wasn't ready to go. She went around the beach filling up bags of beautiful shells she found. She ended up with 3 bags so full we couldn't hardly carry them. Arnold ended up dumping them all out before we left.. without her knowing. She also made a friend one day on the beach. That girl can make friends anywhere! And her and Rachel enjoyed flying a kite for the first time! :)

~Arnold was a hero twice on the trip. Once a family came out and asked him to take their beach picture for them, that would be that year's Christmas card picture if it turned out good enough. No pressure or anything! ;) Nah, they were really nice. Another time Arnold found a woman's debit card she had dropped and the timing was right that he got it back to her, so I know she was thankful for that!

~We ate out a few times. One was a run down shack but seemed very popular on the island. One was Sea Cow and it's my parent's favorite place to go, so we took the kids there for lunch one day. On our last night there, we went to the waterfront restaurant and got yummy SEAFOOD. I ordered crab legs and enjoyed every last bite! I think I embarrassed Arnold a little bit by just how much I enjoyed them ;) They also had a guy playing guitar there, so Arnold enjoyed that part ;)

~We visited a few stores and a market while we were there. The kids all picked out a souvenir to take home. Brooke got pretty starfish earrings. Rachel got a turtle bracelet. And caleb got a shark tooth. I even got some cute owl earrings! We also went into Charleston one day and went to the Tanger outlets, but the kids were in such a bad mood that day that we didn't stay long or get anything.

~One day we visited a zoo/aquarium type place that was nearby. You could go see alligators up close, turtles and snakes. It was interesting, but it was pretty pricey for what you got! We were done walking around pretty quickly. Rachel was terrified at the alligators at first and started crying. But eventually we got her over to the gate to check them out with us. They even had little babies and a rare white one, which was cool!

~We went to get Italian ice a few times while we were there. I got pina colada flavor every time! I really miss Rita's (our's closed down near us) so I took advantage of getting it whenever I could! ;) We bought ice cream at the grocery store (birthday cake flavor!) and had that at the condo some days. 

~We were supposed to come home Saturday, but Arnold and I thought it would be a smart idea to drive through the evening on Friday instead, and hopefully the kids would sleep. Ha... yeah right. They mostly complained that they were tired but couldn't get comfortable. Arnold ended up getting really grumpy and tired. I was bored because it was dark and I couldn't read. we got home at 1am and we were all VERY ready to go to bed. But at least we had all of Saturday to unpack and clean up.

~We all came home with sunburns. I am pretty white so I think I am showing it the worst! I mostly got it on my upper arms/shoulders and it HURTS. For the first few days it hurt to even get in the shower or  have someone lightly touch my arms. I have been using lots of aloe on the areas! But at least I will have a nice tan... ;) Even if it is sun damage, which isn't good :(

Arnold was a fun daddy and buried them all in the sand! 

We got some beautiful pics in front of the ocean! I know I will treasure them!

Playing out in the ocean with daddy!

This time Caleb was REALLY buried. He needed help getting out!

An afternoon treat at the candy shop. We had italian ice!

Even if it's a little messy and lopsided, I like this picture of all our flip flops together on the beach :)

A sweet older man offered to take a family pic of us when he noticed us taking lots of pictures of our kids on the beach. I am glad we got this one!

Arnold tried to teach the kids to play putt putt. None of them stuck with it very long!

But they enjoyed climbing on the big turtle they had there!

Brooke showing off her new starfish earrings she picked out at the market.

She is looking so grown up lately! She will be 8 in a week!

Caught them in a rare, sweet moment. No fighting! ;)

They interrupted my picture taking to be silly! 

Love this one! caleb took it. We were looking out on the ocean on our last evening there.

This was the entrance of the place we stayed.. called Marsh Point. It was a pretty nice condo. We had a screened in deck. we only had one bedroom so the kids slept on the pull out couch. We had a lot of late nights, for sure!

Checking out the alligators! We were pretty close up!

Love this picture of the kids! It's my new screensaver!

Brooke picking out beautiful shells on the beach.

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