Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend in Review

This weekend was a busy one! We did a lot of celebrating! Friday evening when Arnold got off work we met him at Mellow Mushroom for dinner. It's one of our fave places to go. When we were done there we went to buy the girls their bookbags for school. They still had the promotion going on, so they got free lunchboxes like Caleb did! Rachel chose Frozen, and I am glad she was able to find it, because a lot of stores are out of the Frozen stuff! Brooke chose Monster High but it is a black bookbag with some pink accents and doesn't really look "little kid" so I liked it. I can't believe she is going into 3rd grade! We still had a little bit of time to kill so we took the girls to get their haircuts. They needed them before school anyway. Brooke had been wanting to get her's cut pretty short, and Rachel loves to copy Brooke, so she did too. I was a little worried at first, but they look so cute with the shorter hair, and there are no more fights now when I have to brush it! Win-win! When we got home that night Arnold and I spent the whole evening cleaning and working on party projects. Unfortunately with bad weather we had to move Brooke and Caleb's party to our house, so we had to get everything set up and ready.

Saturday morning we got ready and basically spent all morning getting stuff ready and setting up for the party. Arnold's parents let us borrow one of their folding tables so we'd have more room to set up the food. We went by the store to get a few balloons. And Arnold was sweet and cleaned and swept up our carport so the kids would have room to run around. We had the party at 1pm and we had a crowd of about 30 or so friends and family there. It was waaaay too much for our house, but we somehow made it work. The party was low-key, but the kids still had fun. We had Monster High and Mario snacks. The kids ran around outside and played together. We went old school and played pin the tail on the donkey ;) The adults mostly sat around and talked. Then the kids blew out the candles on their cupcakes and opened their presents. They got some awesome stuff! Lots of art kits and school stuff, some legos sets to put together, DS games, cash, and giftcards for sweet frog and the movies. They were asking me if they could go THEN to use them.. haha. As a matter of fact, Caleb is going on Friday to see the new Ninja Turtles movie with Arnold for his birthday, and he can't wait!!

After the party died down we cleaned up the mess.... a house can get messy REALLY quickly with that many people in it! The kid sorted out all their gifts and started to play with some things. Brooke put together her first little lego set by herself, so she was proud :) Then we decided to go out to Walmart to exchange one of Brooke's DS games, since she had gotten duplicates from her grandparents. She got 2 copies of Lego Friends, and she traded one out for Monster High. They also had walmart giftcards from their great Grandpa, and some cash, so we let them pick out stuff. We kept telling them to save their cash for our beach trip, but they were set on getting something. Caleb picked out another DS game (Transformers) and Brooke picked out a new monster high doll. Brooke only had a few dollars left, so she picked out some skittles at the checkout line. Caleb picked out a Slim Jim (why, I don't know?? but it made him happy! ha!) Each kid went through the self-checkout themselves and paid for it with their own money and thought that was awesome. Brooke and Caleb even brought their new wallets out with them :) 

That evening we went out to the new Orange Leaf grand opening because they were supposed to be having all sorts of deals and special things going on, but it was PACKED when we got there, so we just went on home. We were pretty tired after that long day, anyway. The kids had fun playing their new DS games and Arnold and I had fun RESTING!!!! :)

I have to brag on Arnold... Sunday I wasn't feeling too well, had some stomach issues and sinus issues. I was supposed to work in the baby class at church. But he went and took my place! Now that he is an approved volunteer for the kids, he was able to do that. Thank goodness he went, because I heard they had about 10 or 12 kids under 3 years in there! Several people commented on how well he did with the kids, and he was welcome back anytime ;) I am soooo glad it went well, although I missed my little guys and gals! After church he brought some lunch home for all of us. That afternoon he did a lot of yardwork and mowing that needed to be done. I was able to get a lot of rest in on Sunday. He is such an awesome husband and I really appreciate how much he helps me when I really need it! :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!!

The girls after they got their haircuts

My friend Crystin got this for me! It is a decal for my van. Isn't it adorable? There are even little pink bows to put on the girl owls and a blue baseball cap to put on Caleb's owl. She got it for my birthday but missed going to my dinner, so she gave it to me at the kids' party. I LOVE IT!!!! :)

We bought this plain gold balloon and Arnold drew eyes on it to look like a Mario star!

The kids blowing out their candles! You can see how crowded our kitchen was!

I made these "piranha plants" out of grapes and strawberries, to go along with the Mario theme :)

I also made these dipped oreos and "Mario Mustaches" as treats for the party. They were a big hit!

Joanne and I take selfies every single time we get together! ;)

Opening their gifts. Caleb was into reading his cards ;)

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