Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Christmas Wishlist: 2014

Arnold and I made up Christmas wishlists the other day, mostly for fun, but to give each other some ideas for what we'd love this year. We don't always do gifts for one another but thought it would be fun this year. We have some extra cash coming in from my jobs and plus, who doesn't like something for themselves ;) So here is the list I came up with for myself. I would be happy with ANY of these things. I know I will not get them all! I don't even expect anything. But boy was it fun to look around and dream!! :)

I would love some boots! Preferably in brown, because they go with anything! Brooke has some that sort of look like this.. wouldn't it be cute for us to match ;)

I became obsessed with this show when I watched it on Netflix! We got rid of Netflix so I missed seeing the 3rd season! I'd love to watch it!

I'd love some new dishes. I love our set we got at Ikea, but we could use some more. I'd love some with a pretty pattern. They have lots at Target!

I like adding new ornaments to the tree every year. Anything dachshund or owl will do ;)

We need a new set of floor lamps in our living room!

I don't get my nails done often, but love it when I do! I'd love to get a giftcard to go get them done one day.. probably in a  pretty red shade! Girls' day anyone??? ;)

I love the Nick & Nora pj sets at Target. They have so many cute designs!!

I want a planner for 2015! Especially now that I have so much going on and it's hard to keep track of everything! This is an Erin Condren planner but I also like the "Real Simple" brand planners. 

ANYTHING off my book list would always make me happy. These are two that are on my list right now!

A KNOCKOFF Pandora bracelet! First off, I wouldn't let Arnold spend that much on me to get a real one. Secondly,  I have bad luck with electronics and jewelry, as most people know. I tend to break watches and bracelets (on accident!!) I wouldn't want to break an expensive one! But... I DO love them! The knockoffs are still cute! They have them at Kohl's!! 

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