Sunday, November 16, 2014

Random Catch Up!!!

I was talking to my friend Shana the other night and realized that I have been just too busy to write in my blog lately! Ahhhh! So much has been going on. So, sorry for the complete randomness, but here is what has been going on with us so far this month!

I had my first night at Target this past Monday evening. I worked from 5 til 10pm. Arnold had to rush home for me to get there in time! It went pretty well though. I did some training with a really nice girl. She was training another girl at the same time (brand new girl) and she and I hit it off right away. We are the same age and both have kids, so we had a lot to talk about. A lot of people from last year remembered me and came up to me to say hey. That made me feel special ;) Things started coming back to me pretty quickly and I got to hop on a register and check a lot of people out. One of the things I don't like working at closing time, is about the last hour or so on a weeknight it gets really dead in there and you are just standing around, ready to go home. When I got home that night I had homework to do still, so I was up so late that night!!! But I somehow got it all done!!! 

This is the latest book I have been reading. I have gotten back into the swing of reading again, even though I still don't get to do it as much as I'd like anymore! This book is really good so far! It is a mystery. I picked it up because I already read "The Husband's Secret" by this author, and it was great! If I find an author I really like, I tend to start reading all the books they've written. 

My latest Christmas buy was this CD!!!!!! These guys are awesome, they have some serious talent going on! Their voices are amazing! I listened to some samples on amazon and was hooked. The cd is supposed to get here this week, and I can't wait to turn it up loud in my van!! :)

Childcare is still going great!!! I absolutely LOVE my job. The kids I watch are starting to recognize me and come and give me hugs, which always makes me feel so happy :) I LOVE getting to work with some of the greatest ladies around. It doesn't even feel like work when I'm spending time with some of my best friends! I'll admit it gets a little hectic sometimes and dirty diapers are never that fun, but the rest of it is wonderful and so rewarding! Wed night at lifegroup we all sat around a campfire and made smores! It reminded me of my girl scout days! Sitting out there on a beautiful night with friends was a lot of fun :)

I saw this the other day and it is SOOOO me! I know we shouldn't speed up time and wish it away, and that is not what I'm trying to do. I still love November, and Thanksgiving, and I am very, very thankful for what is going on in my life right now. But I am a Christmas junkie!!! 100% I get excited, can't stand the wait, turn into a kid again kind of person!! 

The other day I went to have lunch with the girls and my niece at school! It was my very first time going this school year! I FINALLY found a break in my week where I was able to go! Caleb was on a field trip so I didn't see him, but I will go again soon. I love getting to see the kids and they are still excited for me to come see them. I don't look forward to the days when I will probably embarrass them!!

Our christmas cards came in the mail the other day! Didn't they turn out great?! I had thought about getting some new family pictures done to use on the front but who am I kidding? When will I have time for that?! So I used one of my favorite pictures from this year.. of the kids at the beach!! I think it turned out beautiful! I can't wait to hand them out! I wish I could give EVERYONE one! 

~Both Brooke AND Caleb lost a tooth this month, so they were excited. AND little miss Rachel has her very first loose tooth! I told her I can't believe she is getting ready to lose a tooth! Seriously? When did my kids grow up?!?!

~I have been rocking it with the tests lately! I had to take a test on Chapters 1-20 in my computer class the other day, and I made a 97!!!! I was so thrilled because that was higher than the first test we took in there. I guess I am getting better at memorizing my keyboard ;)

~Speaking of school, I can't believe I am 3/4 of the way done already with the semester!! It has flown by! I am so happy I chose to go back, because it has already been so rewarding. I have come out of my shell a lot and become more confident. I have loved all my teachers this time around. We are even planning on doing something special for our English teacher on Dec 13th, for her birthday. I am going to miss her, she is hilarious! Her class has been a lot of fun! And it doesn't hurt that she has given me good grades so far ;)

~I am gearing up for a VERY busy week ahead, and I hope I can keep my head on my shoulders! I had to do homework on a SUNDAY so I could keep up with everything. I have school and work at Target tomorrow. I am hoping if all goes well though, Arnold and I are headed on a DATE NIGHT this weekend! Hooray! We need it so, so badly! Hope everyone has an awesome week! :)

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