Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Weekend!!

Thankfully all 3 kids were able to go to school on Friday. Brooke had a stomach bug on Thursday that we aren't sure where it came from. Poor thing threw up like 4 times and kept getting sick on her stomach. But she was fine the next day and no one else got it! Thank goodness! The kids were excited to go to school Friday because they had Halloween parties and after school they had a Halloween dance. It was Rachel's first time going to a school dance, and she said she loved it. They came home with tons and tons of candy from school. Brooke told me they did the "macaroni dance" and it was a lot of fun.. which I later found out meant the Macarena ;) That is cool that they brought that back for our kids lol ;) Like with every holiday I gave them all a little treat-- the Halloween Lalaloopsy mini for Rachel, a Monster High mini for Brooke, and a Ninja Turtles cup for Caleb. I forgot to get a picture of them though!!

Friday evening after Arnold got home from work we took the kids out to trick or treat. It was pretty cold when we went out!! We usually go to the town where my inlaws live, and there are lots of big neighborhoods right around there. We drive along the road in the van and the kids go door to door. I love that they are getting old enough to do that, and it is sweet watching them. At one house a lady was dressed up standing in the yard, as a witch, handing out candy. Poor Rachel was too scared to go to that house, so she just sat in the van, haha. After just a little while it started raining, but it wasn't too bad, so we went to a few more houses. Then it started pouring, and everyone was getting miserable. It actually started storming, too! On Halloween, really?!?! There had been a haunted basement at someone's house though, and Brooke and Caleb BEGGED for Arnold to take them in, so Rachel and I sat in the van. When they got back, Caleb was crying. Poor guy had been terrified! Someone had told us that the kids would be ok to go in but Arnold said it had been pretty spooky. He said Caleb's heart was beating hard the entire time and he kept begging to get out of there. Poor fella! I felt so bad for him.. I am the same way and HATE scary stuff! Anyway, after that we tried to go to Ihop to get the kids the scary face pancakes but there was a HUGE line, so we ended up eating Papa John's pizza in the car. Fun stuff right??? ;)

Saturday we went over to Mom and Dad's for lunch. Mom usually makes the kids a special Halloween dinner every year but this year we were all busy so she did lunch the day after. She made soup, sandwiches in Halloween shapes, and made a cake for the kids to help decorate. They loved doing that, and ended up making a big mess but had fun. The cake was a blue velvet.. like red velvet.. and it was so yummy! 

Saturday evening I met my friend Erika at the movies. We went to see "The Best of Me." We go see every Nicholas Sparks movie together ;) We had gotten an awesome deal, they had buy one get one free tickets for that movie, so we both got in for really cheap. I bought the tickets and Erika brought her popcorn bucket for us :) I also snuck in a few of the kids' candies from their Halloween bags, sshhhh ;) I always tell myself I will not cry during those movies but he gets me every.single.time. WOW! I was just losing it there several times. Thank goodness Erika had tissues with her! I don't know what kind of hold that man has on women but he knows how to get to us, for sure! Oh and James Marsden is a total hottie, so the movie was quite enjoyable! I'd recommend all my girl friends go see it ;)

Sunday morning we got up and went to church bright and early. It is normal routine to be there every week now for me to work! They were short some volunteers so I got to learn to do sign-in on the computer. It went pretty well, and I learned a lot of people's last names in the process! ;) Then I worked in the baby room like usual.. thank goodness Arnold was there to help me, since we were short a worker. We had 8 kids and everything went pretty well. Arnold even did the lesson with them, but said he lost their interest halfway through the story ;) Oh well, good try! 2nd service we had full coverage everywhere (which doesn't happen often!) so I went to hang out in Arnold's class he works in. I helped them do communion at the end of the hour.. and we all ended up eating the rest of the bread loaf. To be fair, It was the Hawaaiian bread, and it was GOOD! ;)

After church we went to lunch at Wendy's. Arnold's parents gave the kids some coupons for free jr. frosties, so it was a good excuse to go ;) When we got home we did some cleaning around the house.. and just lounged around. I love Sundays ;) That evening like usual Arnold and I watched "Resurrection" after the kids went to bed, and ate way too much candy from their Halloween bags. We need to hide that bag or something.. it seriously keeps calling my name!!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!! :)

The kids dressed up, ready to trick or treat!

The kids with Mom on Saturday. They wore their Halloween outfits a day late ;)

Getting ready to help decorate the cake!

The finished product! Can you tell several people helped?? LOL.I even made an "owl" on one part of it with candies. Can you spot it??? And several gummy works got stolen off the cake and eaten ;)

Don't know why this is sideways! Mom cut the sandwiches into cute halloween shapes! Caleb ate all the pumpkins because they had balogna and cheese in them!

We took a few random pictures before we left :)

Erika and I waiting for the movie to start on Saturday evening!!! 

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