Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday!

I had heard so many things about this book and saw it was on the Bestseller list on Amazon, and it was supposed to be "The next Gone Girl." So I bought in on Kindle to read. I read it all in one day, and there were a few twists, but then I was disappointed with the ending. I was like "is that it?" It was nothing special. I was expecting more. I was sad when I thought it would be much better than that! Just a warning if you read it! Hope you like it better than I did!

Everyone knows I love the freeze drinks at Taco Bell.. their new one is Lemonade! I am going to try it next time I am near there. But why did they never come out with Pina Colada again?! That was my favorite!!!!

I mean seriously, when did she get so big?! She is 8 going on 18! She is such a pretty girl, and I told Arnold he was going to have to get a gun one day, when she starts dating ;) This is one of her new spring outfits. A few days this week were AWESOME! One day it was over 80 degrees. Then today it is rainy and cold. Why is the weather so bi-polar?!

Unfortunately Caleb and Brooke were home on St. Patrick's day.. with some sort of sickness. Brooke was throwing up earlier in the week. Caleb had a fever. About halfway through the day on Tuesday they were feeling better and playing again. So that evening I let them get on some cute outfits and play outside for a little while so I could take some pictures :)

Rachel was ready for school on St. Patty's day with her green shirt and bow! She picked the shirt out.. she had to have it since it had a kitty on it ;)

I saw these pop up on Facebook the other day. I thought these might be cute to make for Rachel's class for Easter! I am supposed to bring in a special snack the day of their party and I thought these would be cute to make for them to take home :)

We finally got Netflix back! I told Arnold I wanted it back so I could watch Season 3 of Call the Midwife. LOVE that show!!!! The best stories, and I am just mesmerized by the way they talk :) I end up crying half the time.. and I love seeing all the babies born! Anyway, Joanne told me about another show I needed to try. It was a show made for Netflix.. and it has the girl from the Office in it. I watched the first two episodes and thought it was so funny! 

I like setting up cute things for holidays and occasions. So the other day I found this table cloth, placemats, tray and bowl at TJ Maxx. I filled the bowl with easter reese's cups, and added the bunnies, which I found at Goodwill! I think rectangle shaped placemats work better on our table, for future reference, but oh well! We are hoping to get a new, BIGGER table in the near future!! 

Studying is much more tolerable if you are outside in the sunshine, right???? :)

~Since the weather was so nice earlier in the week, we took Sheldon on a walk around the block. His little legs were working hard to keep up. He was panting by the time we got home! Haha.. poor fella. But I think he really enjoyed getting some exercise.. we also took him to the park for the first time a few weeks ago. He was confused and barked at everyone who walked by.. but he got used to it after awhile. Everyone who saw him said he was so cute... :)

~I was happy because the other day I found 2 big bags of clothing that the girls wore last year. Some of the things still can fit them this year.. so I pulled them back out. I've already bought several things for Rachel this year.. looks like she has more than enough now... oops! ;) The stuff that didn't fit anymore on Rachel I washed, folded up, and got ready to hand down to her BFF, Kenzie. I love that someone else is going to get good use out of them. I don't know why I have such a hard time getting rid of stuff! I guess the clothes bring back memories (plus, they are so cute!) But believe me, Arnold was happy to see stuff LEAVING the house! haha! ;)

~I am supposed to work childcare tonight, and again on Sunday afternoon. I have tried taking a lot of shifts to save up money for this summer (my birthday party, Rachels, etc.) I can't say it enough how blessed I am to get to work with sweet kiddos, and some of my best friends!!! I am also looking forward to going to the park for playtime and a picnic on Saturday, with one of my best friends, Jessica, and her son!! :)

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