Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I saw this floating around facebook and I LOVED it. This is so true. Motherhood is both the greatest and the hardest thing you'll ever do. I can only hope to be half as good as my mom was. 

Last night we went to dinner with friends! We were going to go to Ihop but they were packed from the free pancake day, so we headed over to Texas Roadhouse. Had a yummy dinner and got to spend time with friends, so it was a perfect evening :)

The kids had fun too, and it was kids' eat free night! They also got their own special cups to take home and balloons when we left. 

I had a blast working at church Sunday morning... and Monday evening. I love these little kiddos like my own! I couldn't ask for a better job, doing what I love! :)

Saturday evening I wore a new shirt and actually fixed my hair up, to go out with Joanne for girls' night! We wanted to go to dinner and a movie but we ran into some problems. Every restaurant in the area was packed.. I mean even more so than usual. We ended up at 4 different restaurants before we got to sit down.

Here we are at Applebee's. The shortest wait. And we finally got to sit down and eat dinner at 8:30pm (we had met up at 6pm!!) But at least I got to spend quality time with my best friend ;)

The weather has finally started being nice! Well at least it was Monday, and it is again today! The kids spent some time outside after school riding their bikes and enjoying the sunshine. I sat out there with them and it felt great. I  am so ready for Spring!

CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin Stephanie, who just welcomed her first baby into the world yesterday! Welcome to the Mommy club! Miss Lily Marie is just beautiful! I wish they didn't live so far away or I would have already been to visit them. I just love looking at brand new babies! Although it does give me serious baby fever! :)

I picked these cute kitchen towels up at Kohl's.. aren't they cute? I like different ones for each holiday, and when I saw these with owls, I couldn't resist ;) Owls and green.. two of my favorite things!!

~Brooke came home with her report card yesterday, and I was SO thrilled to see that it was a good one! She has been working so hard this year, after struggling so much and being though so much. Earlier in the year she was even making some F's, and we were just so worried. This report card had A's and B's on it, and a few C's. It's a complete turn-around. I was so proud of her and gave her a huge hug.. it seriously was one of those PROUD MAMA moments for sure! I hope she can keep it up til the end of the school year. She said she wants to pull those C's up and make the A/B honor roll at the end of school-- hey, it could happen! :)

~Hubby has been a wonderful help around the house this past week.. I don't know what's gotten into him! But he showed up at home the other day with several bags from Lowe's and did some home improvement projects and stuff... and he even worked on cleaning out Caleb's closet and organizing some stuff. I was so excited to see it all.. he is the best! :)

~I just took my last "regular" exam in my med class last night.. I made a pretty good grade! It was on the digestive system, and when I went to tell Arnold that I made a good grade, he said "wow, you really know your shit!" Sorry for the curse word, but I had to share that. It was hilarious. That's my hubby.. always supportive.. haha ;) My FINAL exam in the class is TOMORROW. I am so, so nervous. We learned 12 chapters in 8 weeks.. the class was shorter than regular classes. It was a lot of info to take in, and I hope I can remember it all for the final. Mom said if I do well she will take me out to celebrate on Friday. No pressure or anything right?! ;)

~This week at the kids' school is the BOOK FAIR!! I am just as excited now as I was when I was a kid ;) I can't wait to take the kids tomorrow afternoon and pick out some new books!! 

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