Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekend in Review!

I decided I wanted a big change in my hair, so Friday morning I set up an appointment to get it done. My friend Meredith who works with me part-time in childcare, does hair, so I went to her. I got a lot of it cut off and put into a cute bob with a lot more volume and bounce. Then she put blonde highlights in. I knew I wanted to try it lighter. I was shocked at how much of a difference it was, but I liked it. Everyone else I seemed to show complimented me so I guess that's a good thing ;) 

Friday night my mom and dad kept the kids so Arnold and I could go on a date. Since I had the new hair and we were going out, I went one step further and went out to try to find something nice to wear. I found a pretty shirt with flowers at Kohl's to wear. Arnold and I had planned to go to dinner at Olive Garden, but they were already so packed when we got there, so we went to Carrabba's instead. We hadn't been there in a long time and I forgot how good it was! I had lasanga and was stuffed before I could finish it all! Towards the end of dinner there were people packed in there waiting on tables, and 2 men were leaning up against our booth and talking and being rude. I was about to say "HEY NOW! I'm trying to enjoy my date here!" lol. But I stayed nice ;)

After dinner we went over to the Family Christian Bookstore because I had a coupon. I picked up a book I'd been wanting that was on sale, and picked a new Karen Kingsbury book to get with my coupon. They even had a few of her books on clearance on a table up front so I picked up a few more. I left there with 4 new books to read, so I was a happy girl ;) Then we headed to the movies. The only showtime they had then was in the Big D theater, so we decided to pay a little extra and sit in the big, huge theater with the comfy seats. The movie was great and I had a fun time being out with my hubby :) Oh and on the way home I finally got to try one of the new lemonade freezes from Taco Bell! It was sour, but good!

Saturday morning we slept in, which was awesome!!! Then we got ready and headed to Mom and Dad's to pick up the kids. They had had a great time with their grandparents :) Brooke told me she had found a spider walking around in the guest bedroom and had her Pop Pop come kill it for her. She was still freaked out though and they ended up in bed with Grandma ;) 

After that we dropped them off with their other grandparents (I know that sounds like we don't ever spend time with our kids but it NEVER happens that way, we don't get alone time often, it just happened that weekend we had two things planned we needed sitters for!) We went to lunch at El Paso with some friends, Ashley and Tyler, that go to church with us. We recently found out that they live literally RIGHT down the street from us, and so we were excited! We love both of them already and think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship ;) I see lots of dinners and get-togethers in the future. They are due with their very first baby in May, so we are excited for them! :)

After we picked the kids back up we took them to a local egg hunt. It was a dumb idea because it was COLD and WINDY that day, but they really wanted to go. We had to park at a church and walk to the park, so I was already tired and grumpy when we got there. The kids only found a few eggs because there were TONS of kids there. We didn't stay for any of the other activities because it was so cold.

That afternoon we took the kids to the movies to see "Home." I can't believe we ended up at the movies two times in one weekend. Once again, something we do NOT do often since it's so expensive, but the kids had wanted to see Home ever since we saw previews for it several months ago, and so we told them we'd take them opening weekend. The movie was really good! It was funny, and cute, and had a great message. At the end I swear I was tearing up.. there was a really sweet part. Even Arnold liked it. I liked it even more so because SHELDON COOPER was the voice of the little alien ;) Rachel cracked up a few times and it was so funny.. I love it when she laughs :) 

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store to get something to cook for dinner. Friday our fridge DIED!!!! Yes, it was pretty old, Arnold had bought it when he bought our house. We knew something was up because things weren't as cool and it was making a weird sound. So while we are waiting for our new one to be delivered (we picked a new one out Saturday afternoon) we have been storing our cold and frozen food at Arnold's parents' house. The kids are excited about our new fridge because it is a side by side and has an ice maker (doesn't take much to make them happy! ;) Arnold and I are however not that excited because now we have two big things to pay off with his bonus check and that was when we were expecting to get our iPhones! ahhh! I hope it somehow still works out we can get them!

Sunday morning I went to church to work. Seems like for some reason all the babies/kiddos were in a bad mood that morning because everyone was being fussy, grumpy or crying. It was hard to get everyone to calm down and play. One of the little girls I have watched since she was born moved up to the big girl classroom this weekend :( I was sad! It was strange not having her in there! Even though they aren't my own kids I get attached and we have bonds! I love those kiddos! 

Sunday afternoon Arnold mowed the lawn, the kids played outside, and we had tacos for dinner. I ended the evening with watching the Season 4 premiere of "Call the Midwives." I love that show!!! It is sad that nurse Jenny isn't on the show anymore, though. 

Hope everyone has an awesome week!!!!! :)

My new hair!!! I love it, but I am still shocked everytime I look in the mirror ;)

Ready for date night with my hubby! 

Eating some yummy lasanga at Carraba's!

Waiting in line for the movie, taking selfies! ;)

At the egg hunt on Saturday... it was windy!

Daddy with his girls!

Outside after we watched the movie! It was fantastic!

Taking selfies with sweet Easton on Sunday morning at work!

Shaylee was being my helper and trying to feed Ansley her bottle ;)

These girls were so sweet!

Arnold is in the zone! Doing what he loves!

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