Friday, January 15, 2016

Our 10-year Journey: A Timeline


-We get married on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I still remember getting ready in one of the church classrooms with my friends and I look outside the window and see his truck sitting in the parking lot and thought "wow, this is really happening." Walking down the aisle and seeing his face and his tears was almost too much, even to this day. I can't imagine life with anyone else.

-Brooke Elizabeth is born on a Saturday morning, after I labored all night at home by myself. We made it to the hospital and she was born 55 minutes later. The nurses didn't even believe I was that far along. I delivered that beautiful 8lb girl all naturally!

-NOVEMBER- When Brooke was just 3 months old (yes seriously) we found out we were expecting again. At 12 weeks I had bleeding that we thought was a miscarriage but God is good and our sweet boy was just fine and healthy.


-CALEB WAS BORN. On August 8th I was induced after they flipped Caleb around (he was breech) and after 12 hours of slow labor and walking the halls, our skinny like 7lb Caleb Arnold was born that evening. He was affectionately nicknamed "Bobo." :)

-WE BOUGHT A MINIVAN! With already having 2 kids, we figured it was time to change our vehicle and we purchased our first vehicle together-- a Honda Odyssey minivan.


-In Early Spring my mom called with the hard news that my childhood dog, Macy, had died. It was unexpected, they think she ate something she shouldn't I was so upset, but happy for the years we had her.

-OCTOBER- One night while I was getting things ready for a Halloween party I took a pregnancy test and discovered we were pregnant with our 3rd child. Poor Arnold didn't even believe me and asked me "not to waste the money on a test." Boy was he wrong ;)


-APRIL- The day before Easter we were robbed. Thankfully no one came into our home, but they came up into our carport and stole my purse (yes I can't believe I forgot it in there that night!!) and our GPS. For weeks there after I was scared to be  alone in the house and weary of every car driving down our street! It was a hard time!!

-JUNE- On the afternoon of June 18th, we went into the hospital to have a c-section. Rachel was stubborn like her brother and breech, but could NOT be turned, so they had to do the surgery. That afternoon at 2:35pm, our sweet Rachel Louise was born, chubby cheeks and all :) She came out legs/butt first and has been making us laugh ever since :)

-JULY- On the afternoon of July 22nd Arnold and I were out shopping while his parents took care of the kids. I started to feel chest pains and told Arnold. He told me it was probably heartburn. They wouldn't go away though, so we called an ambulance. They checked me out and said I was ok. Still didn't feel right, so went to the ER. After numerous tests and almost sending me home, they found blood clots all over my lungs. Turns out I had had a blood clot in my leg after the surgery with Rachel, and it had broken apart and went to my lungs. Very scary situation.

-JULY 22-29- I stay at Frye Hospital on strict bed rest while I was on pain killers, IV's and blood thinners. That week Arnold had to work and take care of our kids, including our brand new baby. Meanwhile I was missing out on so many things in my children's lives and wondering if I'd even survive the ordeal.



-FEBRUARY- A few days after Valentine's Day, we found out the horrible new's that Arnold's Aunt Nancy has passed away. Her and Arnold were very close, and I had loved her very much as well. She had gone into diabetic coma and she was still so young. It was hard going through that time of the funeral and explaining to the kids while they were so young. They had loved to spend time over at her house.

-NOVEMBER- After a long time of talking with each other and doctors, Arnold decides to get a vasectomy. I had wanted for the longest time to have 4 children. but after my episode with Rachel, everyone was terrified that if I went through pregnancy/birth again, I may leave Arnold behind to take care of 4 kids. This has been an extreme struggle with me for years and I'm still trying to cope with it.


SPRING- We get a scary phone call from preschool, and they tell us Brooke has had a seizure. It wasn't an extreme seizure most people would picture, but she blanked out for a minute and wet herself. After that led to lots of testing and MRIs and EEGs, which did show abnormal brain activity, but to this day they can't 100 percent explain it. That was a very stressful time for all of us.

AUGUST- Our first born starts kindergarten. We all went to the school and walked her in together. I remember her doing well and going right in. She has always been independent. I cried the whole way home. I mean big ugly sobs. It was quite the transition after she had been at home with me all those years.

NOVEMBER- I am baptized! On the same morning Arnold and I become members at the new church we have been attending. We both love it and the people and are still there today. I've even become a staff member since then-- taking care of my sweet babies on Sunday mornings :)


MAY- Arnold joins his first band, the EKP. From then on we spend many occasions at parties, bars, and other scenes watching him play. I had a lot of fun nights with my friends those nights :)

JUNE- We adopt our sweet kitten, Max. He was actually called Molly for the first year of his life because we were not very experienced with that sort of thing! haha! Poor guy. Arnold's friend at work had kittens and he got sucked into us getting one. I didn't even know he was a cat person ;)


JULY- On a glorious day that Summer we paid of our van!! It went so awesome because it was the first big thing we had paid off together and it was so nice not to have any more car payments. We all went as a family  to the bank that day to make the last payment and we celebrated a little too much I think ;)

August- We adopted our sweet doxie pup Sheldon!!! I had grown up with dachshunds and always knew I wanted one of my own someday. Sheldon is a double dapple, which is pretty rare. He has beautiful spots/coloring and he is hard of seeing in one eye but he is just perfect to us. And yes, his name comes from the Big Bang Theory ;)

NOVEMBER- I become a Target employee. Just seasonal. trying to help us make some extra money. I have to deal with all the crazy holiday shoppers AND work an all-night shift on Thanksgiving/black Friday. But I think it taught me some major patience and how to deal with people better ;)


JANUARY- As a combined bday/anniversary gift-- I am able to buy Arnold his first "nice" gift from me, thanks to extra money from target! I buy him an Epiphone 12-string guitar. I asked his friend for advice and guidance on which one to get. I think he was surprised and happy ;)

JULY- I become a staff member with Christ Church! I join the childcare team, which is part-time work and then I was offered a position to take over for someone who left, for Sunday mornings with the baby-3 yr old class! I am just LOVING my job and so thankful for the extra income to help our family!

AUGUST- Thanks to my amazing parents who have a timeshare, we went on our first real family vacation. We had been on little trips here and there, and places with my parents. but this was the real deal. We spent a week at Edisto Beach and made lots of memories. It was such an amazing trip, even if it did rain several days, and the kids always came home with sand in their cracks, and we all got sunburned ;)

SEPTEMBER- I become a college student!!!!! After all these years I decided to back. I am working on my Medical Office Administration degree. Which has been a long road but so worth it! And I've actually enjoyed doing school stuff again--I know, I'm a nerd!!


MAY- We gain a sweet niece, Ava Loren! Born on the same day as the royal baby! ;) We also gained a sister-in-law and another niece, Brielle. My brother got married and now has 2 daughters and the perfect little family. I am so incredibly happy for them! This month I also traveled to Florida with Mom and Dad to meet Ava and visit and see their new house!!

JULY- I celebrate my 30th birthday! Arnold and my family and friends help me throw a big 80's themed party and so many people come out and celebrate with me. One of my best memories :) I still can't believe I'm that old though!!! ;)

NOVEMBER- We adopt our sweet Charlie! He is a chiweenie. Yes we are crazy people who now have 5 pets, but I love it! I think this will be our last pet! (at least for a long, long time! ;)

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