Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Our 10-year anniversary!

On the 21st Arnold and I celebrated our 10th anniversary! I can't believe we have been married 10 years. We have been through so much, both good and bad, in that time. There is no one else id rather spend my days with! On the night of our anniversary we went out to dinner and took the kids with us. It ended up snowing that night and we were all stuck at home together the next day, so that was kinda cool. Then the next week we went out of town for a night. My dad surprised us with a hotel and money for dinner and he and mom watched the kids AND the puppies while we went away! It was amazing and we had the best time. Just wish it wouldn't have gone by so fast! 

We went to Carrabba's for dinner. The kids all love pasta so they were happy. We went early to beat the crowds. The dinner was really expensive but it was a special occasion, so it's ok. 

All the kids took turns taking pictures of me and Arnold :) Before we left the waitress gave us a free dessert for our anniversary! I thought that was so sweet! we got to pick, and I picked the chocolate one (of course!) She gave us all spoons so we could share. It was gone in 2 seconds. It was delicious!!

My anniversary gift was this new Vera purse I had been wanting forever!! Ok so I really picked it out but its from Arnold ;) The bad weather made it take forever to get here, but its here now and I love it! 

On our way up the mountain. I had to take pictures of everything ;)

We went to dinner down the road from our hotel and I got grilled shrimp! It was yummy. And Arnold got steak. we even sat on the same side of the booth together (awww ;) 

We went to the movies after dinner. Arnold wanted to take his picture with the Deadpool sign. We went to see Dirty Grandpa with Robert Deniro and Zac Efron. It was pretty crude! I knew it would be silly but it was pretty over the top. Probably wouldn't recommend it. Although it was funny. The theater we went to was old and the room we went into had the heat out!! They warned us beforehand but they said it wouldnt be that bad! Yeah right!! I was freezing and Arnold even let me have his coat (poor Arnold ;) They didn't even give us a discount on our tickets! But we still had fun and we always seem to have a story when we go out together.

Outside our hotel. It was SUCH a nice hotel! Cozy and beautiful and they even had a fire going in the lobby. They had a game room on our floor although we didn't go play any! They had a pool and a free breakfast and everything. It was really nice. 

We got back from the movies around midnight and got into our pjs. Representing my panthers of course! ;) We had a king size bed and all the space was sooo nice. We woke up as far apart from each other as we possibly could be! ;)

We asked this nice guy in the lobby to take a picture of us in front of the fire before we left saturday morning. I was so scared to ask him but he was the nicest guy ever! Too bad you cant really see the fire any ;) 

We had to hit up the outlet stores, and of course I got lots of things for the kiddos and a few things for a friend's new baby and stuff like that... There was still lots of snow up there so Arnold took a picture to show the kids. I'm sure a few people gave him the side eye on this one ;)

Arnold wanted to go to the Mast General store downtown. We were looking for things to take back for the kids. We picked out some pretty rocks for Brooke, a book for Caleb,and a stuffed squirrel for Rachel. They all loved their gifts. We didn't buy candy although there was a lot there! 

We did pick us up some drinks for the car ride though!! Drinks taste so much better in glass bottles! 

Arnold took this when we got to the hotel. I loved the cozy, rustic vibe :)

We even stopped and got a car wash, haha. We got salt all over our van from the roads. 

I saw this most adorable rock owl family at the mast general store. I didn't get it but I sure did love it! 

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