Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Books I read in 2016

Books I considered GREAT

(I love all of Karen K's books-- I've come to know the Baxter family well!)

Not what you'd expect, I really liked it.

I think just about everyone read this one. Suspenseful. 

This really is amazing in teaching you how to be organized and get rid of so much junk in your house. It really motivated me to start getting rid of stuff-- I think that made Arnold happy ;)

This one was somewhat sad and touching, and I really flew through it quickly. 

Mostly through the eyes of an African American woman and really puts certain aspects of racism and unfair prejudices front and center. 

Everyone knows Nic is my man-- and I love how his latest wasn't just a love story, but talked about the aspect of his child too, and some heartbreak in there. 

Loved reading one set back in the day.

Books I considered GOOD

I love Steven Curtis C and this was written by his wife-- true story of the heartbreak they went through when they lost their daughter. It was tough to read at times but I'm glad I did. 

I know these books are YA but I read the whole series and loved it!

Suspenseful, upsetting at times. Def not a light read, but I love this author! 

Another one by the author who wrote "The Good Girl." I think Mary Kubica is one of my new fave authors! 

Written by a marriage speaker we went to see one night at church-- talks about marriage advice and the "healthy" way to argue with your spouse.

Really liked this about being more intune with your life and the people in it. Hands Free Mama is also good.

I always loved the show The Little Couple (I miss it!) So I had to read this story about their family! They have the two CUTEST adopted kids in the world! 

I love anything about babies/midwives... and this one has a twist!

Of course making you feel better about your mothering and like you're not alone and crazy ;)

Another book about getting rid of junk-- you'd think by now my house would be empty! ;)

Books I considered FAIR

I really have loved all the books Allison Scotch has written, but couldn't get into this at all! 

I DID like this story, but the format it was written in was a little hard to get into. 

I never finished this one, but what I read of it was good. I quit reading because it was depressing-- dealt with some pretty crappy/abusive parents and I could never get the heart to pick it back up again and finish. 

I read this because I found it free on Kindle-- It was just so-so. 

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