Monday, January 9, 2017

What We've Been up to Lately...

We had a wonderful Christmas. Arnold was off work for 2 weeks, and the kids were off school. It was (mostly) fun, until everyone got restless and bored! My brother's family came in all the way from Florida, and stayed for a week! We went over to my parents' house several times to visit and have dinner and stuff. My sweet nieces got so big! Cecilia was awake a lot of the time and smiling all the time at us. The kids passed down their power wheels jeep to the girls to take back home with them. We opened Christmas gifts and shared snuggles and stories and had a blast :)

Over the break Caleb got to shoot his very first gun. A lot of the guys in the family went to my Grandpa's house a few days after Christmas to shoot for fun. My brother brought up a gun that he said was safe for Caleb to try out. He said he had a lot of fun. No I did not get involved with this, and I have never shot a gun but hubs keeps saying I need to learn! Even my mom has shot one now! 

I got a lot of nice presents from family members. My aunt got me this awesome owl birdhouse since she knows I love owls. Arnold actually hung it up inside because he said it was too pretty to go outside, haha. I really do love it. My parents got me a fluffy Soma robe, pizza stone, sonicare toothbrush and waterpik, and some giftcards. I was really spoiled this year! And thanks to the new oral care stuff my teeth have never felt cleaner ;) Ha! 

Caleb has been putting together lots of legos he got for Christmas. His big gift this year was a BIG Jurassic World set that I had to admit how much we spent on it! But he put it all together on his own and he was proud. He has mostly moved away from toys now and loves all legos and video games now. 

The kids got giftcards to the movies from their Aunt so we took them to see SING one day on break. It was a really cute movie. We haven't see Moana yet but we hope to see that soon as well. Since we hardly ever get the over-priced snacks there, the kids were thrilled to get some stuff with their giftcards. Caleb got a huge ICEE and the girls got soft pretzels. Ok so I got an ICEE too ;) Caleb and Arnold also went to see the new Star Wars movie over the break, which they said was good. I have never seen a Star Wars movie (I know, I know!) 

We celebrated hubby's 35th birthday. He was the new years baby in 1982. We had a low key new years eve, we went to dinner at Chili's, then came home to enjoy some family time, games, and movies until we made it to midnight to ring in the new year. (I fell asleep before like usual! ;) Then the actual day of his bday we went to church, then to lunch at his favorite place, Village Inn, and stuffed ourselves with pizza! That night we had some dinner at home, I bought his favorite beer and cupcakes and we had a small family thing. We were going to have a party with friends and family this weekend but we had bad weather. 

Of course I've already hit up the library in the new year! I picked out 3 new books to read. I also ordered a few new books with the Barnes and Noble giftcard I got for Christmas, and cant wait for them to be delivered! I will make a post soon of the books I read in 2016. It was only around 50-- disappointing for me! 

Brooke came home from school the other day saying she felt bad, and she had an 100 degree temp. We kept her home from school the next day and took her to the dr, and she had strep. They have her antibiotics and she felt better pretty quickly after that. Poor girl, she was so pitiful. She missed 2 days of school and stayed at home with me to rest. 

It hardly ever snows where we live, but Friday night it snowed a bunch and we woke up Saturday to everything COVERED! The kids were so excited. We only let Brooke go outside for a few minutes since she had been sick, but Caleb and Rachel played for awhile, and made snowangels and sled down the hill. It was really, really cold this weekend! It even got down into the single digits over night. 

I will admit I hate snow and Winter, but I loved this picture of our backyard. It is so beautiful, especially with the snow in the trees. And that is hubby walking back up the hill with the sled. He worked hard to shovel out our driveway so we could get to church Sunday. (then no one even hardly showed up!) :) 

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