Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What a Week!

We have had a great week with pretty exciting things going on! 

Brooke started tumbling class at a local gymnastics center. She has been wanting to do this FOREVER and for Christmas my MOm signed her up and paid for her first couple of months. She has gone a few times with a friend and has expressed interest in it over and over so we knew she was ready. My mom also  picked out some cute workout clothes for her to wear to class. We all went to her first class to watch her together, and she seemed to really like it.  She is a beginner and there are lots of girls there that have way more skill but I know she will get there. We go to class every Tuesday afternoon at 4:30. It's a little far away from our house, so we don't get home til around 6 pm those nights and it makes us a little rushed, but its ok. Brooke is loving the class, she just says she is a little sore. We hope this class will help her gain more skill so she can try out for the middle school cheer team. I can't believe my baby will be in MIDDLE SCHOOL this fall! 

Brooke also had the 5th Grade Science Fair this month which was nerve-wracking. We came up with an idea-- which gum flavor lasts the longest, and tested out gum. We wrote up all our findings and made a big project board for her to present in class. Well we were very very surprised to find out she won 3rd place!!! And of course she made an A! I am so very proud and excited... it always boosts your confidence when you do so well in something. I think it helped Arnold and I  with our's too ;) We were just trying to get through it and survive! Haha! So this was a pleasant surprise.  

I know-- lots of Brooke this week. She had her 1 year  ortho appt to check out her braces. They are doing a lot of good work in her mouth and have fixed her jaw alignment significantly. However the orthodontist noticed she has lost ALL her baby teeth, and he said that is very rare in someone so young. So they had been planning to wait to start the next phase of treatment until she was older, but may do it soon. They said the plus to that is she will be finished with braces a lot sooner than most kids and not have to worry about it later! Arnold says he hates it because she will have a gorgeous smile to go along with her personality and he will have to beat the boys off in the near future.. haha! But anyway, we have xrays next months to determine if we should move forward. And this pic is comparing her to her first day in braces to now. I can't believe the change, and even in her face, she looks so much older now! 

I decided to cut my hair off! I had seen a lot of people posting about it lately, so I decided to go ahead and do it, too. I actually prefer shorter hair but always let mine grow out long before I ever get around to it. I went to the salon alone and it was so nice. She cut it to shoulder-length and put some layers in it, and it much easier to deal with and has more body. When I got home Brooke said ah! I can't believe you cut your hair! But I think she will get used to it ;) That same evening I also went out to dinner with my good friend Jess. We have been friends since highschool but we both have kids and busy lives now so dont' get to see each other as much as we'd like! We went to OCharleys and ate and caught up and it was really nice to have a girls night and relax :)

We had wellness coaching and bloodwork at Arnold's company for our insurance and benefits and stuff. I hate going to do that because obviously the stick in your finger sucks, and you also feel pressured to lose weight and stuff when the skinny girl coach is sitting there counseling you to be healthy, haha. When I showed up for my appt Arnold was finished and I brought him lunch and he sat outside the door eating FRENCH FRIES.... I mean seriously? Be like a normal person and wait til you get to your office/car to eat the food in secret! ;) Haha.. we thought it was a perfect picture opportunity. And yes, the lady did open the door right after this and see him eating and scold him. But my blood work turned out fabulously actually, and I was proud.. although I do have a lot of weight to lose, but I will get there.......

Poor Rachel wasn't feeling well and got sent home one day... they were worried she might have strep like her sister had the week before, or even flu or something.. so I took her to the dr. Thankfully she just had a cold but she was pretty pitiftul and the bathroom was covered in mountains of tissues she was using to blow her nose. She also had a funny voice for about a week. But we were relieved it wasn't more serious! So she got a special day at home with Mom.. that I think made the other kids jealous, haha. 

Monday was MLK day and the kids were off school. Caleb had spent the night with a friend. And Brooke headed out to a friend's house around lunchtime (they are too cool to hang out with me anymore!!) So when Caleb got home I took him and Rachel to Sweet Frog to get a treat-- perfect for the dreary day. And then we went by Michael's and I finally picked me up a Happy Planner! I am glad I waited because they had them on doorbuster sale for $10! I love planners and always hope they will get me organized, but I am still totally scatter-brained!! 

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