Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend in Review

We got some nice weather and I got to take the kids to the park down the road to play!

The most exciting news of all is I got a new job!!! I have been looking for something for awhile, and been praying for something that was actually decent hours, pay and that I would actually enjoy doing. Out of nowhere Thursday evening I got a message from someone I go to church with, who said there was an opening at her work. So I went in Friday morning to talk to the directors and ended up staying almost 2 hours and interviewing! I am now an infant teacher at their preschool/learning program! The job is FULL TIME, Mon-Fri and so that means I get to have the nights and weekends with my family! And of course I get to work with BABIES which I love! There couldn't be a more perfect job for me! Arnold and I spent the weekend trying to work out the details of the kids after school, and thankfully our parents are going to help us Mon-Thursday. Fridays I only work a half day! (another perk!) I did have to give up my volunteer gig at pregnancy care center thursday nights, since that is my one night I have to work late. I will miss it, and everyone there.. but sometimes there has to be changes to work good things out, and I know they understand. Plus, I don't mind still being an occasional fill in. This job is just such a blessing for me and Arnold because we had no idea I would be going into full-time work right now. I know things will be a little crazy around here and I will have to become even more of a morning person for those early wakeup times (6am or earlier now! wow!) But I am thinking this is going to be amazing! 

Speaking of good weekends, Saturday Arnold and I celebrated our 11-year anniversary! I can't believe we are starting on our 2nd decade of marriage! He surprised me and made a slideshow at work, set to a song that is very special to us, and lots of pictures of us over the years. It made me cry and was totally unexpected! Good job honey! ;) It also rained on our wedding day AND our anniversary this year, so that has to be good luck, right?? :) 

Mom and Dad watched the kids overnight so we could go out on a date. We went to the movies to see The Ressurection of Gavin Stone. It is a comedy, but Christian/inspirtational based. It didn't get a lot of advertising and I know not a lot of our friends have heard of it, but it was amazing and better than expected... I would recommend seeing it! I was laughing in the middle and tearing up at the end! (in a good way!) Then we went to dinner at Olive Garden-- one of our favorite places. There was such a long wait, so we went shopping a little and ended up not eating til nearly 9pm, but it's all good--- we didn't have kids! ;)

We bought a piece of the chocolate mousse cake for dessert but we were pretty stuffed, so we took it home with us. I ended up eating it in bed, haha! It was delicious! 

Sunday morning we got to sleep in a little bit later than usual, then get ready for church at our leisure. No yelling at the kids to get their clothes on, behave, and eat their breakfast before we had to run out the door! It was nice! Then we worked our classes like usual, and I even had a new baby stay this weekend, a friend's son... and he did so great! After church we went to pick up the kids, and finished watched The Secret Life of Pets which my mom had put on for them. Then we went home and took naps... it was a rainy Sunday and just relaxing and wonderful! 

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