Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*Family Get Together*

Arnold and I were trying to figure out something to do Saturday evening, where we didnt have to go out.. so we decided to invite his Sister Jennifer and our neice Rebekah over for dinner. We spent the whole day cleaning up and making everything look real nice. We made spaghetti with meat sauce, some garlic bread, salad, and had cheese cake for dessert! It was yummy. Anyway, they came over and all the kids wanted to do was play, so they ran around crazy while the adults ate. typical kids :-P Also, they dumped out this HUGE bin of toys all over the very clean living room after we had spent all that time cleaning, but I guess thats to be expected from kids! The adults sat around and talked for awhile while the kids played for awhile longer. Then we all gathered around the kitchen table and colored... even I colored :-) I loved coloring when I was a little kid, and thats one of my fave things to do with the kids now. Also, Jenn brought over their new puppy, Buffy. She is so cute! She is kindof shy, especially of males, so she sat in Jenns lap most of the time, but she let me play with her some :) At least I have a dog to play with now since Arnold still wont let me have one. He says we already have enough mouths to feed ;-)

Anyway, i know it sounds cheesy, but that evening was really fun! I am looking forward to having them over again. I think we may make it a monthly thing. I love having people over to the house rather than going places-- Ive always been a homebody. And I know the kids love playing with their cousin, so its a chance for them all to get together. Needs ideas for what to make for dinner next time-- if youve got any good ideas, throw them out! :)

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