Sunday, January 24, 2010

*Our 4-Year Anniversary*

Thursday the 21st was mine and Arnold's 4-year wedding Anniversary! Cant believe its been 4 years since I married my best friend! We didnt know each other for too long before we got married, but we knew it was meant to be. When you know, you just know!

I also cant believe we've had 3 babies in 4 years, what can I say, we've been busy ;-) LOL i wouldnt have it any other way though. I am tired of people asking us if we know what causes that?! Of course we do, thank you very much! ;-) Mind your own business!

Anyway, Thursday evening we put the kids to bed and Arnold went and picked up Carrabbas to go and brought it home and we had a nice quiet dinner together. We both really like that place, but hardly ever go. Arnold got steak and I got lasanga. They also sent ceasar salads and some of their bread with the good dipping stuff! It was soooo good.

Friday Arnold took off from work to be with me and the kids. I had to go to the DR that morning about some dizzy spells ive been having. I have a referral appt at the ear-nose-thoat DR this coming tuesday.. they think I might be having some deep inner ear problems. I hope they can figure out whats wrong! Anyway, we just hung around all day and didnt do much. That evening Arnolds parents and Aunt Nancy watched the kids while we went out. We went shopping for a little while. I went into Once Upon a Child and found Rachel some of the cutest spring/summer clothes and a new pair of white shoes. Then we went into Hamricks and I found the nicest purse on clearance for $4.50, cant beat that! Then we went to the new Ollies Outlet place, and Arnold found some Levis jeans which he was excited about b/c thats his fave kind of jeans, LOL. Then we went to Walmart b/c the kids were almost out of diapers. THEN, we went to Blockbuster and rented 2 movies- "Post Grad" and "All About Steve". We havent gotten around to watching them yet, but we probably will today. Finally, we stopped by Taco Bell and I got me one of those Fruitista drinks, the strawberry flavor. I LOVED the Pina Colada ones, but they only had them back in the summertime, I really hope they bring them back this summer!! :)

All in all we had a great anniversary, got to spend some time together. And even though we didnt technically get gifts for each other, we both got something new this weekend (the purse and jeans) so that was nice ;-) Here to many more years of happy marriage! :)

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