Friday, January 15, 2010

Arnolds 28th Bday!!

Well I hope everyone had a great New Year! My Hubby turned 28 on New Years Day :) He was the New Years Baby for Catawba County in 1982. Born at 12:05 am :)

Anyway, on the actual night of his bday we went over to my parents' house and they made a dinner of ribs since Arnold likes them to much. They made me and the kids homeade pizza... with pineapple, it was so yummy! Rachel kept eyeing allll the food.. we let her hold a rib bone, she got so excited and seemed so intrigued by it.. she even tried to lick it! It was so cute. Glad i had my camera :)

Anyway, then Sat evening we went to dinner at Ocharleys for a second bday dinner w/ his family and some of his friends. It was a HUGE party, like 25 people or so... it was such a long table and it was hard to talk to everyone, but it was still fun. It was originally supposed to take place at Outback Steakhouse, but when i called them they said they couldnt hold that many people at once. So thank goodness Ocharleys could! I was getting worried there for a little bit. It was also supposed to be a surprise party but it was too hard with all the details and stuff so Arnold ended up knowing about it, but it was ok, it was still fun! :)

Dinner at Ocharleys

Rach w/ my mom at Ocharleys

Brooke on the Bounce Horse that used to be mine

Over at mom and dads for Arnolds 1st bday dinner

Rach with the rib bone ;-)

And eyeing my pizza ;-)

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