Friday, January 15, 2010

Rachels 6 Month Appointment

Rachel went in Tuesday for her 6-month Well-check. But she was actually closer to 7 months by the time she was able to get in for an appt. Arnold took her while i stayed at home w/ the big kids.

She weighed 18 lbs, 11 ozs!!! I was shocked. I knew she felt heavy, but WOW! No wonder shes outgrowing her clothes lately ;-) And she was 27 inches long! The drs said she definately had a growth spurt! My baby likes to eat ;-) Anyway, she was 85th percentile for weight, and im not sure what she was for height, but I know shes tall like the other kids. No surprise there ;-)

Arnold said they gave her 2 vaccinations, and the flu shot. She did really well. She showed off to the dr how well shes been sitting up lately. She is now ready to eat baby food! We have tried her on 2 different kinds so far, and she didnt seem TOO interested, but i know we just have to keep trying.

That afternoon i gave her some tylenyol and she slept for 4 hrs! Shots have always made her sleepy. It was a nice break for me :)

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