Monday, February 25, 2013

Rachel's Day of Fun

This past weekend my parents took the big kids with them to the mountains. They would have taken Rachel, but she still has a hard time being gone from us for too long, so we just kept her at home with us. This past week she has been doing so much better with potty training and FINALLY pooped in the potty (sorry for TMI but it's a big deal for us mommys!) and she has been wearing big girl panties and been doing a great job! We had told her we would take her out to pick out a big girl prize when that happened. She had also been asking to get her ears pierced for awhile, so we went out for a day of fun on Saturday with her. It was so much fun, and so much easier being out with just one kid! ;) We first took her to lunch at her favorite place ever, Chick Fila. While her and Arnold were eating that I had Subway since I am on my diet. Then we headed over to Claire's to get her ears pierced. 

She sat up in the chair and let me take a few pictures of her. They let her sit with a teddy bear and hold it while she was getting it done. She was really brave.. Brooke had told her they would only let her get it done if she was brave like she had been ;) She picked out little pink butterflies as her earrings. It so happens that the girl working that day was someone I knew, so that made it more fun, too. 

Here she is all finished, and a little teary. They didn't do both ears at once, so after the first ear she was a little shocked at the pain and started crying. I felt so bad because there were big tears rolling down her cheeks! A lot of people were in the store at the moment and were watching her, and I heard someone say "poor kid!" That was sort-of rude if you ask me! It's not like we were making Rachel get it done, she had been asking to get it done, and made the decision her self! We told her what to expect and she still wanted it done. It only hurt for a minute, it wasn't torture! She was brave though, and she got not one, but TWO suckers when she was done :) 

Then we let her ride some rides in the mall. She asks to go on them EVERY single time we are there, but I never seem to have quarters with me. So I made sure to stock up this time and let her go! The first machine she went on took our money! And those stupid rides aren't cheap! 4 quarters for that one ride-- ridiculous! But she had a good time. Her favorite ride is the icecream truck :)

Next we went to a little store that lets you build your own stuffed animals. It's like build-a-bear but a knockoff. I hardly ever see anyone in there.. I am surprised they are still in business! And why? Because they are so dang expensive! Just for a stuffed animal! But she really wanted to do it, so we let that be her prize for the potty training. I was trying to steer her towards the cute pink bunny or kitty but she insisted on the leopard. It was still cute :) She went through the process of stuffing it, reciting the promise to take care of it, and all that good stuff. Then she wanted to get an outfit for it, a tutu and matching tiara and wand. So we dressed it up, then went to the computer and named it and got a certificate. It was a lot of fun. She named to leopard "Princess" and it has gone everywhere with her this past weekend. Arnold is a sucker for his little girl because he didn't really mind the price... until Caleb stepped on it later that weekend and got her outfit dirty. Sheesh! 

The lady working that day was super sweet! She really paid a lot of attention to Rachel and talked to her and everything. She offered to take a family picture of us before we left. Rachel was ready to go by then and no matter how hard we tried she would NOT smile. So this is the best we could get! 

After the mall I wanted to stop by a local kids' consignment store and look at their spring/summer stuff they recently got. Arnold took Rachel with him since she usually doesn't do too well in that store. So they ended up over at DQ and got icecream. I guess they were trying to get it without me knowing since I am on a diet and they wanted to be nice ;) And lastly we went over to Walmart to get some things we needed. We were getting ready to leave when we noticed Rachel's legs were SOAKED. She had done so good all day, but finally had an accident. So arnold ran her out, stripped her down, and we had to go home right after that and change her clothes. But I am proud of her because she has been doing such a good job! It has been a long road-- she sure is stubborn!! :)

That evening we had dinner at home and spent the evening hanging out. She has gotten obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lately, and has been watching the same movie over and over on Netflix. So we got online and watched a few clips and let her play a few games--she loved that. Then she took a bubble bath before bed. Arnold sat in the bedroom and watched her, while playing guitar for her. Maybe it was really for him since he always seems to have his guitar with him anyway, but she had a good time with Daddy ;)

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