Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend in Review

This weekend was crazy busy, just how I like them ;) Friday it was actually pretty nice outside for once lately, in the 60's. So Rachel and I decided to get out of the house. We went to Target to check out the Vday clearance and got a few things, and even found Rachel's friend Kenzie some adorable Minnie Mouse shoes for her bday. Then we went over to Arnold's work and had lunch with him. We like to go once a week or every other week to see him, it's alot of fun. He had gotten Chick Fila for us to eat, Rachel's favorite :) After we left his work, Rachel and I decided to go shopping for the afternoon. The big kids were going to a Vday dance after school, so we didn't have to pick them up until late. We headed to the mall and I started trying on some clothes. I wasn't happy with the way a lot of stuff fit me, that is when I decided I really needed to start back on my weight loss journey again! I got slack last time! Anyway, I eventually found a few really pretty tops in JC Penney's, and a new necklace. Rachel kept embarassing me in the dressing rooms though, yelling things like "make sure to keep the door shut mama, so no one will see you NAKED!!" Ah, gotta love 3-year olds and their honesty. Lastly, we headed over to Barnes and Noble to meet my mom, she let Rachel pick out a new book for Valentine's Day. Now you see where I get it-- my mom is big on goodies for holidays, too ;) Rachel picked out a new "Pete the Cat" book.. those books are hilarious :)

That night my parents watched the kids for us overnight so I could go to Arnold's show. They had another gig at that local bar they play at so much. We had a little bit of time to kill, so we went to dinner at El Paso. I love that place and hadn't been in awhile. I got chicken fajitas, sooo yummy! I swore I was starting my diet that night, but wasn't able to follow through when we went to dinner there ;) It was fun to have some "us time." Then we went home and Arnold had to head out for set-up and sound check and all that good stuff. So I spent some time alone in the QUIET house. And when I got ready I danced around the house naked to some Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ah, now I am the one being honest ;) But it is so fun to have some "you" time every once in awhile, too! They had a huge crowd at the bar that night, and they did really well. I was surprised, since one of the band members had the flu and was feeling AWFUL, but he showed up anyway, now that is dedication! We went down the street to Westend BBQ after the show was over, and had breakfast, with Arnold's family who had come out to the show. I had never been before, but heard it was "the place" to go around here and I did love it! So we finally got home at like 3:30 am and I was practically falling asleep before I even got in the bed. I am not good at late nights!!

Saturday morning Arnold was SUCH a sweetheart and got up to pick up the kids while I slept until nearly 10:30, haha. It was so nice to sleep in after that crazy night. Then we took the kids out for icecream at Sweet Frog-- Caleb had been begging to try it. Then we went to a few stores in the area, and while we were out it started snowing. And I mean pouring snow-- the big white flakes. The kids were thrilled. Me-- not so much. But I was happy that it didn't last long and didn't stick around! I can't believe it was snowing just a day after it being sunny and warm. We have some crazy weather here in North Carolina! 

That afternoon I met my friend Erika and her mom over at the movies to go see "Safe Haven." It has sort of become a tradition that we go see all the Nic Sparks movies together.. and I know that makes Arnold really happy.. so he doesn't have to be dragged along to the chick flicks ;) I am glad I bought the 2013 popcorn bucket.. it is such a good deal to only pay $3.50 to get a huge serving of popcorn. All 3 of us were able to share it and it was plenty! Anyway, the movie was GREAT! Probably one of my favorties of his movies so far. I can't tell you how closely it followed the book, because I read the book a LONG time ago, and had actually forgotten most about it until I saw the movie and it all started coming back to me. It was a perfect mix of sweet, suspense, and funny. I loved Josh Duhamel in it, he was adorable!! :) And yes I cried. To the point where tears were rolling down my cheeks. Erika laughed at me. But it's inevitable. I say "damn you Nicholas Sparks" every time for making me cry! Ha! 

Sunday we got up and all went to church.. the 11am service. The music was rocking this week, I really emjoyed it! I also enjoyed the message this week, a series on the days leading up to Easter, and what to do to bring yourself closer to God, and work on your character. After lunch the girls and I headed to my friend Erika's house for her daughter's birthday party, who was turning 3. She wanted a tea party and it turned out adorable. All the girls were wearing cute outfits, drinking out of little tea cups, making princess room signs, and eating cute cupcakes Erika made. They even had a dance party.. the girls loved it :) Meanwhile, Arnold and Caleb stayed at home and worked in the basement, replacing our heat element. Recently our shower's water started turning cool really quickly into the shower, and we knew something was wrong. After buying a replacement kit and 4 hours of labor, Arnold had it fixed (all by himself!) and that very night I was able to take a HOT shower again! Best money spent in awhile. Never realized just how much I took hot water for granted!! Hope that fixes the problem!! 

All dressed up for the show Fri night. Wearing one of my new tops and necklace. I loved the shirt, it had sparkles all over it and was really pretty :)

Sexy hubby playing guitar at the show. He thought he was cool with his sunglasses. I think he was trying to be like Eric Church ;)

All the guys in the band. Darrin is hidden back there on drums ;) They did a great job!

Arnold and I at a break. We even got to slow dance to a song during the break :)

The girls eating their icecream at Sweet Frog on Saturday. 

Brooke at Kenzie's party on Sunday,. holding the sign she made for her room.

Rachel and Kenzie dancing together, it was just precious! :)

Me with the birthday girl! Can you tell she was being silly??? :)

Me with one of my besties! She had a great party! :)

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