Monday, February 4, 2013

What February Brings!!

On My Nightstand (What I'm Reading)

Almost finished with this one, down to the last few chapters. Like Elin Hilderbrand's books. This one didn't pull me in as much as her other's, though.

Finally got Emily Giffin's latest. My friend Cori said it wasn't the greatest though. It's next on my list to read.

On the Shelf (What I'm wanting to read)

Found this the other day at a thrift store for only $1! It was a popular book, so it is on my list now of my many to-reads.

Still working on the Harry Potter series, but I have taken a break. Need to start back with this one.

In Theaters

Safe Haven is out in theaters this month! Just in time for Valentine's Day! My friend and I will definitely be going to see it. We read and watch all the movies by Nicholas Sparks :)

I don't go to the movies much, but if I were to pick another one this month, it would be Identity Thief. The previews look really funny. Melissa McCarthy is always hilarious :)

On the Small Screen

Hey once again I'm behind the times! (no surprise, huh?) Recently ordered Season 1 so I could watch it here at home. We don't have the channel that is comes on. Ready to laugh if it's as good as everyone says it is!

Music to my Ears

This is mostly more for Brooke, but the Beebs had an acoustic album come out recently, so we will have to check that out :)

Projects to Tackle

Mostly Valentine's related of course. Brooke got these princess valentines for her friends in her classroom this year.

And I ordered this kit for Caleb, off Oriental Trading, the other day when they were having a free shipping deal. Everyone loves Pixy Stix, right??
 I want to do this for the kids. Put hearts all over their bedroom doors on the night before Valentine's day, and when they wake up they see it. You write things about them and what you love about them. How sweet!

Very cute picture idea, want to try this if I can remember.

Milk and cookies. Milk served in fancy heart glasses, of course. We have some of these glasses actually, from awhile back when Arnold and I used them on an anniversary trip.

What's Cooking in the Kitchen

Would love to try this.. it's called Cowboy Casserole. Cheese on top makes everything yummy :)

Crock pot Mac and Cheese. Just looking at this makes me hungry!

Oven roasted sausages, potatoes, and peppers. Reminds me of something my parents make. Yum!

Pizza dip, and using pieces of flatbread to dip in it. Looks delicious! we love pizza here!

Valentine's Day cupcakes, maybe using a strawberry on top to make a heart!

Going to make these treats for the kids' teachers this year. Using pretzels, striped hershey kisses, and the Vday colored M&M's. They look good and easy to make, too!

In my Mailbox

My girls have the "Pinkalicious" book series, and they just came out with a new book. So when I got a Barnes and Noble coupon the other day in my email, that's what I ordered! They will get this either at Vday or Easter, haven't decided yet.

In my Shopping Cart

We recently got our tax money back. Arnold has told me forever I could get a tablet. I used to have a Kindle Fire, and loved it, but it accidentally took a trip through the washing machine and was ruined :( I want to get another one, and he is pushing for the new, nicer HD model. What do yall think? I keep holding out! Decisions, decisions!

Bought this striped sheet set for our bed. They are cute and bring some color to the room. 
 They had a bunch of stuff on sale at Crazy 8, and when I went to the mall the other day I got this outfit for Rachel. The kitty top and kitty leggings. How precious is that?! She loves kitties, too! :)

In my Prayers

~My Mother-in-law, who is recovering from surgery.

~Baby Pearce, who always needs our prayers. But she is almost 2! She is truly a miracle!

~For Brooke's upcoming neurology appointment. Hoping for answers!

~For my friend Chrissy, so is carrying a sweet baby girl, and due in June! :)

~For a few friends who recently lost loved ones.

~For my sanity, as Arnold takes on a lot of band gigs in the upcoming months!

On the Calendar 

~Women's Conference in Hickory this weekend with Mom! She asked me a long time ago if I wanted to go, and got us tickets. We are going with several ladies we know and love. The theme of the weekend is "Hope" and it should be awesome! I am looking forward to it.

~Celebrating several birthdays, of the kids of my closest friends! Ben, Logan, and Makenzie all have birthdays and parties this month!

~Valentine's Day of Course, the day of love :)

~Dr appointments for Brooke and I. For 2 totally different things. I am having pains that are getting worse and am afraid it might be GERD or a peptic ulcer. Brooke is getting checked to see what's going on with her epilepsy and if it's what is causing problems at school, or if it's ADD or something similar.

~Going to see Full Circle play at the Country Music Bar! 

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