Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

We had a great Valentine's Day this year. I know some people don't really get into it, but I love celebrating every holiday. Any chance for me to decorate, make things, throw parties, give gifts.. whatever. I love doing stuff like that :)

We made these pretzel buttons we found on Pinterest. You can really switch out the M&M's colors for any holiday. We boxed them up in these cute little heart boxes and gave them to the kids' teachers. They also picked out big Reese's chocolate hearts to give them.

Arnold surprised me and sent me flowers. They showed up a day early. I was in the bathroom drying my hair and heard a knock on the door, and just let it go. Later I went to the door and saw them there. Arnold usually gets me roses because they are my favorite, but he sent me tulips this year. I love them.. the first day they didn't look so great, but then they started to open up and were beautiful. 

We went to see the kids at school to have lunch with them. Seems everyone else had the same idea and we were all crammed at a table together, but it was fun. Rachel loves going to see all the big kids at school. She also enjoyed eating a school lunch and these strawberries that were all over her mouth ;) Brooke got to choose a friend to sit with us at lunch, and she chose her new friend, Zoey. So I got to sit with the girls and talk to them, it was very sweet :)

We went to Texas Roadhouse a night early to celebrate. It was still very packed in there, I had to park all the way over in the next parking lot. But we had a good time, and the food was awesome. I love how they have peanuts for you to eat before they bring the food out :)

I know I went a little overboard with the Valentine's Day treats this year, but I had some stuff put back in the basement that I had picked up at the big Target sales and everything was really cheap. I also had to get Brooke this year's Valentine's Day Mini Lalaloopsy of course ;) And they JUST came out with the next book in the "Pinkalicious" series, and I got it and couldn't wait any longer to give it to them :)

Caleb was actually home on Vday from school because he had coughed all night, the night before, and hadn't gotten any sleep. So he stayed home to rest. So at lunch I made him and Rachel their food on Valentine's Day plates and gave them heart napkins, too. They seemed to like the special touch :)

I also got some cute little plastic glasses with hearts on them, and they had some drinks after school, and without me even asking, they all clinked their glasses together. Too funny. So I had to get a picture :)

Rachel's Vday outfit. I know it is purple, but I loved the little pom pom heart! This is another Crazy 8 outfit-- they never should have opened that store in our mall, I am going to get into so much trouble!!!!

And this was us just being silly that night, before the kids went to bed. Everyone is wearing pink and red, even to bed. After we played around awhile we read bedtime stories. The big cat I am holding is Rachel's, she got it for Christmas from her Aunt Beth. She calls it "Fat Kitty" and sleeps with it every night :)

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