Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Topic: What Makes Me Happy

~A warm shower after you come inside on a rainy day.

~Finding surprise money in your pants pocket or purse.

~When the whole house is clean at once (that never happens though!)

~Right after the grass has been mowed. Looks so pretty and smells good too!

~Reading a good book, curled up with a blanket in a chair.

~Dressing up to go out somewhere, and feeling pretty.

~Finding that one awesome treasure at a yardsale or thriftstore.

~Planning a birthday party, down to all the cute details.

~Watching the fireworks on the 4th of July.

~Watching your kids stand up at school and receive an award.

~Sitting in the middle of a group of friends, and laughing until it hurts.

~Watching a movie you have been dying to see, while eating buttery popcorn.

~The taste of cold water right after you have been working out.

~Hearing someone compliment you or your kids on something.

~Pictures the kids drew hanging on the fridge.

~Picking out a lunchbox and bookbag for the start of school.

~The minute the band comes out when you are at a concert.

~Going to visit friends or family and holding a newborn baby.

~Looking through someones pictures on FB or their blog.

~The salad and breadsticks at Olive garden.

~Finding something really cute, and they have one left, in your size.

~A shirt that looks just right on you and makes you look thinner.

~The kids' faces after waking up on Christmas or their birthday.

~Laying in bed listening to thunderstorms and the rain on the roof.

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  1. I'm craving Olive Garden's salad and breadsticks now! We need to have another date soon! :)