Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stereotypical Parent

So the other night, we were all in the van after taking the kids to a Halloween carnival. We were sitting in the McDonald's drive-thru line to get something quick to eat since it was so late. There was a kids' dvd playing in our van's dvd player. And Arnold and I were getting hit in the back of the head with balloon animals. It was then I thought "wow.. I really feel like a parent right now!" Sure I was amazed and in love the day my kids were born and handed over to me. But I don't think I truly felt like a parent until I was knee-deep in tantrums, homework, sleepovers, class partys, and so on. Life has become so chaotic. And I have found myself doing SO many things I never thought I would do. I swore I'd never do. But in reality, you end up doing what works for you.. and a lot of the times that may be the "easy" way out but it is to keep your sanity!!

Here are some things that come to mind that I have done since becoming a Mom, that makes me feel like the "stereotypical parent." I know you other parents out there HAVE to agree with me, at least on some of them!!! Be sure to share more if you have them!!

1. I am driving a minivan. With plenty of room for all the family, plus an extra friend (or dog). Complete with family sticker decal on back window. And the backseat is usually filled with jackets, papers from school, coupons, and the odd shoe or hairbow.

2. I sometimes feel the urge to walk into their rooms when they are sleeping. I brush back their hair and watch them for a moment. Man, they are so sweet (and quiet!) while they are sleeping!

3. I have been known to start crying out of nowhere. When daydreaming about the future, or watching a video of when the kids were younger. Time goes by way too quickly! Who are those little babies I see in those pics.. they surely can't be mine!!

4. I do all sorts of cutesy stuff for holidays and special occasions. This morning I got up early and made them pumpkins for breakfast before school. Later they will have some small gifts waiting on them after school. I have plans and traditions for every holiday! I just like to see them smile!

5. I beam with pride everytime someone gives the kids a compliment. "Your daugher is so bright!" "Your Son is so helpful and respectful of adults!" "Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!" "You have a sweet little family!" Everytime I hear one of these I get a good feeling in my tummy. I get more excited over compliments about them than myself, I think.

6. I make funny voices when reading stories. Higher voice, accents, grumbling, you name it. The kids think it's hilarious. Arnold does it too. I think Caleb nearly loses himself everytime I read him a star wars book and say "Caleb, I am your mommy!" (I make it my own ;)

7. We threaten to throw or give away toys if the kids don't clean their rooms. They scream and protest.. but it usually STILL doesn't speed up the process any. In the past Arnold has taken toys down to the basement, and held them captive until they do better about it.

8. We get SO excited when we get that rare date night. Usually I spend all week thinking about it. I plan everything out. I just can't believe that we are going to get all those un-interrupted hours together. Just us. And then, when the kids are gone, MORE THAN ONCE we have passed out in the bed, early. So much for a date night-- we were too exhausted!!

9. Singing kids' songs when they are not even around. I can be standing washing the dishes and catch myself singing the theme song from Kipper the Dog. I have been laying there trying to fall asleep and catch myself humming the theme to Phineas and Ferb. It never lets up!

10. I will stand in really long lines, just to make the kids happy. I have stood in line for prizes, balloon animals, face painting, inflatables, freebies, toys on sale.. you name it. It's always a line!

11. Worry endlessly if they come home and tell me something like "no one would play with me at school today." Then you start over-analyzing it. "Is my kid ok?" "Are they being a bully?" "Are they no fun to be with?" "Did I not teach them enough manners?!" "Will she be damaged socially?!" You go over and over it in your head-- when in all reality it ends up being something silly like "So and so felt like playing with another friend today instead."

12. Research something online because it is all your kid can talk about lately. Brooke recently started playing "Animal Jam" with her friends in class. She asks to have some computer time every day now so she can go join the little virtual community and see everyone. But she is disappointed because she is not a "member." And apparently being a "member" is sooooo much cooler! So I was reading up on it the other day. Seeing what perks you get as a member. How much does it cost? Is it worth it? Am I going to get her a membership for Christmas now? Umm... yep.

I could go on and on, but it would take days. I hope you guys enjoyed my list and be sure to shoot me a comment about any you can think of in your lives ;)


  1. I can't relate to all of these since my kids are still really little, but definitely a few of them! No minivan yet (Mason won't have it) but I've definitely jammed out to "Just like a Rock Star" in the car and I have some ridiculous voices and noises that I make for no apparent reason. You should get a hold of that date night thing, though. You need that alone time with hubby!! ;)

    My initial "mom" moment was when last Halloween, this kid came to the door and was like "My mom has that shirt!" And I was like "Did she get it at Target?" and he was like "I don't know." My husband was like "You're definitely a mom now. You buy your clothes at Target." LOL! Funny how life changes!

  2. I always love to see how other moms are with their children. You are a fantastic mom. I could go on and on about my children as well. I love reading stories with voices to go along with the story, it is the best. Have a great weekend.