Saturday, December 7, 2013

Catch Up Time!

So... where have I been lately? Shew. It has been hard lately, getting used to being a working Mom, and balancing work, the kids, school stuff.. not to mention Christmas is coming up soon! We have been doing so much and having a great few weeks.. for the most part. So here is a random look at what we have been up to!

~We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. Although this year was a little different. We had lunch at Mom and Dad's, but it was earlier this year. Because I had to work that night! We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and all the yummy stuff. I looked through ads for the Black Friday sale. We took family pictures in my parents' yard. We even went over to Kmart since they were open. And while we were there, Arnold decided to get Caleb a bb gun! Whaaaat?! I was freaked out since he is so young, but Arnold says he will always be with him when they play with it, and it will be "bonding time." Oooook. Well we will see how that goes. That afternoon I went home and took a 3 hour nap, in hopes that I could manage staying up all night!

~So I had to work Black Friday. Technically Thanksgiving night from 7:30 til 6am the next day! I was sooo nervous for weeks before, I kept actually having dreams at night about what it would be like. I am NOT the kind of person who likes to stay up all night! I got there extra early and still had to park at the back of the parking lot, it was filling up fast. I went in and everyone was in huddles getting ready. Then people start filling in at 8pm. They actually were cheering and yelling, and they had to stop some from running! Crazy! They were really good about keeping my lines low though, only 2 people allowed at a time, so I didn't get overwhelmed. And I didn't have any rude people! I was shocked! The first few hours flew by because I didn't even stop to blink. At 1 am I was in the breakroom eating a catered ham sandwich from Jason's Deli... they fed us but I'd still rather have been in bed! And around 3am it started dying down and I think I might have nodded off standing up at my register.. who knows. ANYHOW, It was finally 6am and I made it! I was so proud of myself. On the way home after getting breakfast I saw the sun starting to come up. It was beautiful. I felt like a zombie. Yeah man, I did it!!! :D

~So after surviving Target's black Friday we got into the Christmas spirit. We went to pick out a Christmas tree, put it up, and decorated it. Have had to fight Sheldon off many times because he wants to drink the tree water or pee on it. Did I mention we got our first REAL tree this year?! Loving it! We took the kids to the mall to visit Santa. They all froze up and barely spoke to him.. go figure! Bob, our elf, made his return! With a North Pole Breakfast for the kids. I was probably Mom of the Year that morning because they got to have powdered donuts and cherry poptarts to eat.. and were all sugared up for school (sorry to their teachers!) AND we went to see the Christmas lights! I am on countdown now, less than 3 weeks to go!

~Speaking of Christmas, Arnold surprised me BIGTIME this year and got me a big gift. I told him not to get me anything, so I definitely wasn't expecting what he did. He got me an iPad mini! And he already gave it to me, he said he couldn't wait! We are not the best at keeping surprises, in case you hadn't noticed! ;) But I am loving it, I lay in bed every night with it and play on the internet. I am also surprising him with a big gift this year and I doubt he will read this, but in case, I will not mention what it is! I am soooo ready to give it to him, but I am keeping mine a real SURPRISE! And I owe thanks to his childhood friend, Brian, who helped me pick it out for him!

~My good friend from college, Matt, lost his Mom this past week :( She has had a few strokes and wasn't doing too well health-wise and they said it wouldn't be long, and she was with Hospice. Matt let me know when the receiving would be and it just so happened I was off work that night. I was so relieved because I wanted to go see him so badly. The whole family went to see him, and I got to give him a big hug. I hate that we didn't get to see each other under better circumstances. Please pray for his family during this rough time!

~This past Friday I was off work, I had a whole day to myself before the kids got off school and it was awesome! I got a lot of things done I needed to do. I went to Goodwill and found a tacky sweater for our Christmas party (more on that later) and to the Lifeway Christian store and got my dad a few things for Christmas. And by Michael's to get some buttons and chocolate for some things I am making (NOT the same craft, by the way ;) And I stopped by to get some lunch at Taco Bell, and decided to pay for the person behind me in the drive thru line, as a surprise. I got that idea last year from our pastor, who was talking about Random Acts of Kindness. And ever since I try to do little things like that for others, when I think about it. It makes me feel so happy to know that the person behind me pulled up and was told her meal was paid for already! I hope it made her day! :)

That's about as much catching up as I can do right now.. I hope to find more time soon to write even more. Hope everyone is having a great month so far and is getting ready for CHRISTMAS! :D

Here are some of my fave pics from recent times....

Thanksgiving family pic

The girls got some matching pjs!

The kids and I went to visit their Daddy and Paw at work when they were on break

Brooke and I at the Panthers Stadium-- school field trip

At the Southern Christmas Show with Mom

Mom got the kids small trees to match mine :)

Sheldon enjoys lounging around by the glow of the tree lights :)

They are not always that innocent! ;)

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