Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was GORGEOUS! Oh my goodness, I loved it! We had the greatest time.. and it was so busy (like usual.) Friday Arnold went back to work after being sick for 2 days with I think was the stomach bug. Although he already had it once this Winter.. he is unlucky! We have been needing to get gutters installed on our house since we got a new roof put on.. and I spent time researching kinds and companies, and we finally found some guys, and they are supposed to come out tomorrow. I am proud because I did all the work myself-- Arnold usually handles that kind of stuff. I know way more about gutters now than I care about! ha! But I am looking forward to marking more things off our to-do list. It feels good!

Friday evening Caleb went to his first sleepover! Well his first one at a friend's house. My best friend's son was turning 9, and had some friends over for the night. When I dropped Caleb off he was getting ready to run off and play, but he turned around and gave me a big hug :) I can't believe Brooke and Caleb are old enough to go to sleepovers now! It is really bittersweet. It made me look through a lot of their baby pictures today.. I have been feeling sad.. haha! Anyway, Caleb had a great time.. he said they played legos, Minecraft, video games, and watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. They also had pizza and lots of snacks. I think he ate too much, because Joanne told me he got up in the middle of the night and threw up. We were so scared he had gotten sick from Arnold, but I think it was just a fluke because he went to sleep after that and was fine the whole next day. 

Saturday Arnold went to pick up Caleb from Joanne's house and then picked us all up some breakfast on his way home. Then we got started doing a ton of work around here. I worked inside the house, and Arnold and the kids did yardwork. Well mostly Caleb and Arnold did.. the girls ran around and played. They picked up sticks, burned the brush pile, shoveled dog poop (eww), cleaned out the carport, trimmed the bushes... and stuff like that. When they got in Caleb was saying he was tired! Gotta teach them to work young! ;) After that we went out for awhile.. to a few stores. At Ollie's we found some good books.. one was about the 90s and I got it because I thought it would be interesting. I was proud because every member of the family got a new book that day ;) Then we went to Once Upon A Child and I got some more spring/summer clothes for the kids. I love that place... you can find some awesome clothes and deals if you look around! Lastly we went by Toys R Us and Arnold let Caleb pick out a small toy for helping him so much that day (I bet the girls wished they had helped out more then!) He got 2 small Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (they were a "2 for" deal.) Before we went home we went by Sweet Frog. I had filled up a punch card, so we got one of the icecreams for free. Doesn't take too long to fill up a card when you have a family of 5!

That afternoon our neighbors brought over their tv for us and helped us get it inside. They were upgrading to a new one and asked us if we wanted their old one. It is not flat screen, but it is HUGE.. "theater" style.. but older model, so it sits on the ground. But it was free.. and I think that is awesome ;) The kids love having a big screen to play their video games on.. they say it is so much cooler ;) After we got all that set up and taken care of, we went to dinner at Pizza Hut. We got a Hawaiian pizza and some breadsticks, and it was soo yummy. Since we were waiting awhile on the food, we took some pictures and played around. And all of a sudden Rachel knocked over my glass of sweet tea and it went ALL over my pants! I didn't see it coming, so it shocked me, and it was COLD! So I had to sit there throughout dinner with soaking wet pants, sticky, and cold. I hate the feeling of being "dirty".. (the reason I don't care too much for the beach.. hate the feeling of sand all over me! I know, I am weird! ;) Anyway, when we walked out I was pretty embarassed because my pants were so wet.. but I'm hoping everyone knew that I hadn't peed all over myself ;) Arnold says they saw we were with our kids so they probably figured it out ;)

Sunday I checked the bank account that morning, and we got the money back that we had stolen! The investigation is over and it was ruled in our favor. Phew. Now, it would be nice to know who did it and if they were caught! I am still so mad that happened, but at least it is taken care of now. We did even more work in the house and outside again that day. The weather reached 70 and the kids spent a good part of the day outside playing again. The neighbor kids came over and played with them.. and even helped out Arnold some with the yardwork. He said at one point he had 5 little people all around him and it was annoying but he knows they were just trying to help ;) The kids also got to ride their jeep some, that they got back at Christmas. They just have a problem fighting over who gets to ride it. Arnold threatens to take it away because they get into so many arguments about it. We also took apart the girls' bunkbeds (well Arnold did all that work, and I then worked on cleaning up and re-arranging their room). Rachel had broken a part off it and Arnold was worried it might break one night with Rachel underneath. So we decided to take no chances. The beds are still fine though, they just have two twin beds on the ground now. I still got the space in the room to work out ok, I think. We added a new rug we got at Target, and I think the new space looks pretty cute. 

Hope everyone has a great week! :)

Found these in Target. They have WHITE chocolate eggs now! Oh my goodness, they are so good! We have already have 2 bags at our house so far! 

Caleb saying hi to Sheldon on Sat morning. Sheldon missed his buddy!

Caleb and I matching in our Duck Dynasty shirts. Is that totally redneck? I don't even care! ;)

Eating at Pizza Hut on Sat. evening. Before the tea spilling incident!

Enjoying the beautiful weather on Sunday! Wearing one of my new eternity scarves!

The girls' room after changing the beds and adding the rug. Now we need something to go on that wall beside Brooke's bed. Any suggestions????

Sheldon with his new Easter toy we got him at Target. It makes a crinkly noise sort of like a solo cup. I thought he would like it because he likes to chew up Solo cups.

A cute pic Arnold took of me and Sheldon :)

Sheldon starting licking all over me in the middle of the photo shoot ;)

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