Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Good and the Bad

Here are some of the good and bad points of this past week...

~Good- We finally have cable, for the first time in our marriage.
~Bad- Everything is on reruns now that it's summer, never anything to watch~

~Good- Brooke had an awesome time at the American Heritage Girls pool party. She saw her friends and even earned a water badge.
~Bad- I missed it, because I was working at the PCC that night.

~Good- Caleb is THRILLED because the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles movie comes out on his birthday. It's like it was meant to be! ;) Arnold is planning on taking him...
~Bad- I know the girls will not sit through that. What will we see instead????

~Good- Arnold and I got a very rare date the other day. We went to the movies to see "Sex Tape." I know that sounds bad but it's not that kind of movie, its a comedy with Cameron Diaz about some parents... well just go see it, haha.
~Bad- The time we have together alone always goes by waaaaay too fast!

~Good- I found a book by one of my favorite authors at Goodwill, for $75 cents! So cheap!
~Bad- The book has turned out to be really dark and hard to handle (about Nazis)

~Bad- It has been raining for SEVERAL days in a row! What is up with that?
~Good- We've been cozy inside and not having to do much.

~Good- Arnold has been making some serious overtime at work lately.
~Bad- he has been gone a lot! And working some strange hours! Including over night.

~Good- It is getting closer and closer to our beach trip! Can't wait for the kids to see the beach!
~Bad- It is getting closer to the 6 hr road trip we have to take with 3 restless kids!

~Bad- The little bookshelf we had in our bedroom totally collapsed yesterday! All my books went flying everywhere! It was a mess...
~Good- I guess we will get to find something new for our room eventually!

~Good- writing about and reliving my scary medical incident that happened 5 years ago... really made me realize how blessed I am to be alive and how far I have come!
~Bad- it also brought up some tough feelings that were hard to remember.

~Good- I was a "good" mama and baked the kids some funfetti cupcakes last night... just because.
~Bad- I put the icing on before they were cooled off completely and most of it melted... haha.

~Good- Arnold and I are going to the Dave Matthews concert tonight! Seems like I've waited forever for this since Arnold surprised me with the tickets!
~Bad- The weather forecast says 60 percent chance of rain tonight! Whaaaaat?! And of course we aren't under covered seats. I guess we will be getting wet. I'd better not wear white.. ha!

Brooke at her American Heritage Girls Pool Party

Arnold and I on our date at the movies!

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