Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Last week Arnold and I went to the Dave Matthews concert. Even though it was extremely hot and people all around us were smoking pot, it was a lot of fun! ;) I always love singing along and feeling all the hype and energy of the people there. However they were throwing a big beach ball around and I kept trying to avoid getting hit by it or having to throw it back to anyone.. I felt old and grumpy, haha. The show was over 3 hrs long and Dave even did some acoustic stuff, which was great. And he came back out for an encore, and it was one of my favorite songs! Arnold and I didn't get to bed until around 1am the next morning.. but it was worth it! :)

We've been having a great time at Summer Adventure on Wednesday nights at our church, for the past 3 weeks. Tonight is the last night. I will miss hanging out with the little ones I watch! We have had a great time. Last week Claire took a selfie with me! She was so funny..she loves taking pictures just like I do! Last week Arnold took over for the preschool class and really got into it.. singing, dancing, and doing the games and competitions. He really is good with the kids and I love seeing him have so much fun! 

The gas station down the street from us just started selling Dippin Dots in little packets for individuals to eat! I sent Arnold down there the other night and he came back with a pack of rainbow and cookies and cream. I LOVE that stuff... love the texture. I hardly ever see it around anymore so I was surprised when we found it at the gas station, of all places!

Brooke and Caleb have been going to a Tennis camp this week, thanks to their Pop Pop! They give lessons every afternoon in their neighborhood for a few hours, then they get to go swimming. The kids have loved it so far. Brooke said she got hit in the eye with a ball one day, and hit the teacher one day, but she said that "she was used to it" haha! I swear we put sunscreen on them but Brooke came home yesterday with the worst sunburn on her face! I am just glad they are having a great time and being more social. Rachel has been having extra Mommy time this week since she isn't old enough to go yet.

Rachel went with me by the college the other day, while I talked to an adviser about my schedule, and got my picture made for my student ID. She was funny.. she was so excited about seeing where I am going to go to school. She kept asking me if the adviser office was my classroom.. and she said she thought the "place would be bigger." Haha. I told her she only saw a small part of the place. While we were there she said "wow, adults sure do need to know a lot of stuff!" Tell me about it sweetheart! ;) She was upset we haven't gone back, so I promised her she could go with me the day I buy my books :) I can't believe my first day of school is on Aug 18th.. I am nervous but excited as well!

Speaking of school, I found these CUTE folders at Target! Who knows if I will need them, but for the price I figured it would be ok to get them just in case ;)

The kids have been going to VBS at a friend's church this week, so Arnold and I have gotten to sneak away and have a little time to ourselves. Monday evening we got a quick dinner at Bojangles and went to Walmart to order Brooke and Caleb's cupcakes for their party this weekend. Last night we had another quick dinner then went to Target to pick out Caleb's birthday presents and get a few other things we needed. They are starting to clearance out their toys and we found one thing for Caleb he wanted half off! Some stuff will probably go 70 percent tomorrow.. I hope I can pick up a few more things then!

Caleb and Brooke got giftcards to Target for their bday, from their Aunt Margaret and Uncle Dwight. So I took them to pick some stuff out the other day. Caleb picked a little lego set and a Ninja turtle action figure.. and Brooke got a monster high doll and a small Kelly doll. The Monster High doll was another clearance find, so it made her giftcard go further! :)

Rachel and I stopped off to get some Alligator Ice (icee type drinks) on the way home from taking the big kids to camp. We both picked blue raspberry flavor! (they also had peach) We even saw some friends there getting the same thing we were! Haha.. great minds think alike.

I saw this on someone else's blog and thought it was so funny, and true! I always love looking at other people's blogs, but I think they have it so together.. with their clean, organized homes, happy kids, plentiful activities, and nice looking outfits. I realize I might come across as more put together than I really am on my blog too.. but I usually just post the highlights of our lives.. yall have no idea what the really rough days look like around here! ;)

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