Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekend in Review

We had a great weekend and were busy, busy, busy! Friday evening the kids went to a birthday party for Brooke's friend Ava, who was turning 8. She had it at the local pool, so the kids got to go swim. Arnold and I didn't swim, so we were pretty much sitting on the sidelines sweating! At least we got to break in our chairs Arnold got for me when we go to the beach ;) The big kids went to the pool to play with their friends, and we took Rachel over to the kiddie pool where she was more comfortable. She took the mermaid Dora she got back at her birthday and made it swim in the water. I saw a few little girls eyeing it while they were in there.. it is pretty cute! Swims around and can "dive" in water also. Anyway, after swimming awhile they had a cookout with hotdogs and mac and cheese.. so yummy. Our friend Chasity had made the birthday cake.. so you know I ate way too much.. I always nearly make myself sick eating her cakes since they are SO good! The party wrapped up around 8pm and we took the kids home. They slept pretty good that night!

Saturday afternoon my parents invited us over for some swimming in their neighborhood and a cookout at their house. So we headed over there around 2pm, and took the kids up to the pool. This time Arnold went swimming with the kids, along with my dad.. and they all had a blast. Caleb and Brooke are getting more adventurous with doing flips, jumping in the side, going under water, and all that. I hope Rachel gets over her water nerves soon! During one of the breaks from the water Dad got the kids icecream from the snack bar. I sat in the shade and read a book... typical of me, right?? It was sooo hot this weekend, I was miserable and begged the kids to hurry up so we could go back to Mom and Dad's house in the air conditioning! That evening Dad cooked ribs. Brooke has taken a liking to them lately and its hilarious because she was CHOWING down and had sauce ALL over her face, up to her forehead. Wish I had gotten a picture of that ;) Seeing as how I don't eat meat on a bone, mom made me a hotdog instead ;) 

Sunday we woke up a little later than we had meant to, so the kids and I stayed home, and Arnold went to church since he was working in the kids' class that service. While he was gone we did some cleaning up around the house and got dressed. When Arnold got home we went out to McDonald's for some lunch. I had been promising the kids to get some of the Beanie Boo and Mario toys so we got them kids meals. Brooke was happy with her Unicorn Beanie Boo and Rachel was happy with her Princess Peach toy.. but poor Caleb wasn't too happy because he got a princess peach toy too! So I went back up to the counter and asked if I could buy just a toy, and I got him a Mario in a car.. so he was happy. It's the little things ;) After lunch we went to Toys R Us to get Caleb's bookbag for school. They have a deal going on right now when you buy the bookbag you get the lunchbox for free! And we had a $5 giftcard from the birthday club so we got him the bookbag and lunchbox for $10! Can't beat that! He picked Ninja Turtles this year :) Next we went over to Ollie's to look at the books, and to Ross to look around to pass some time. Lastly we went to the Mall to walk around and I am glad we stopped by Jc Penney's before we left because I found a CUTE bathing suit in Brooke's size for $5!! AND some pretty silver sandals for her, for $5! They put a bunch of their summer stuff on clearance.. perfect timing to get a few extra things for our beach trip next month! 

At 4:30 we headed over to a baseball game. Our "nephew" was celebrating his birthday party there. It was an awesome place to have a party because we got to see the game, sit inside the air conditioned suite, have dinner while we were there, and even met Conrad the Crawdad. The kids got to do several activities like ride the carousel, play on the playground, and throw some baseballs to try to knock a man in the water. They also got Dippin Dots (I was jealous!!! ;) AND they got to run the bases at one point during the game. It was hilarious to see the kids all come running out of nowhere. Poor Rachel was trailing towards the end, but she was trying to go as fast as her little legs could take her, and she made it across the whole field and back up the stairs!!! The theme for this week was "Christmas in July" and a lot of the staff were wearing Christmas attire.. even sweaters.. I don't see how they weren't dying in those, it was so hot!! They also played a few Christmas carols while was just strange!!! Towards the end of the night we had cake and cupcakes and Carter opened all his gifts. Then we headed out of there right before some storms started. It was SO much fun and I'm glad the kids got to experience a baseball game. I think it was the girls' first time at one. They didn't seem too impressed with the actual game, but they still had fun ;) 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!! :)

The kids swimming at Ava's birthday party

Swimming with Pop Pop on Saturday. They were taking a break :)

Taking a few pictures on the golfcourse, behind Mom and Dad's house

Browsing around Michael's on Sunday. They already have Halloween stuff out! Arnold found this guy playing some guitar! 

Carter's birthday party at the baseball stadium

Conrad grabbed me and hugged me tight! It was hilarious.

Arnold took a selfie with Conrad! I have no words for this... just silly....

Rachel LOVED riding the carousel!

Standing in front of the stadium when we got there!

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