Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 Book List: What I read 2nd Quarter

I have been keeping track of what I read this year, with a list and ratings. I decided to do this mostly for me, to be able to look back and see how many I read over the whole year. But it also became a good way for me to give out recommendations to friends and family, who ask me often for a suggestion of what to read! I did a list of the books I read in the first quarter of 2014, so here is my list for the 2nd quarter. I think I read a little less than last time. And the ratings are poor (couldn't finish it), fair (ok but couldn't really get into it), good (an all around good book, enjoyed it), or great (loved it, read it quickly, would recommend to mostly anyone).

So check it out and if you are looking for something to read, anything I marked "good" or "great" I'd recommend! :)

Books read in 2nd Quarter of 2014  


~Momoholic- Poor (couldn't get into it)

~Hands Free Mama- GREAT (one of my favorites this year!)

~God's Not Dead-Fair (ok but didn't expect it to be so many facts and stuff)

~Love my little A-holes-Good (written by a blogger. She is hilarious)

~Women of Duck Commander- Good

~Rhinestone Jesus- Great (about being a better follower of Jesus)

~Raising Girls- Good  (parenting book)

~Say Goodbye to Survival Mode- Great (a lot to think about, good tips)

 ~I just want to Pee Alone- Good (humor-parenting)

~I just want to be alone- Fair (wasn't as good as the other book in the series)

~A Father Who Leads- Great (I'm aware this is a book for men, but Arnold was reading it for his men's group.. it was just sitting around.. and I'm a book junkie.. so! I read it! haha. But it was so good and talked about being the head of the household.. good advice for both parents though.)

~Love Dare for Parents- Great (day by day things to do for your kids)

~Women Living Well- Great

~Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey- Great (talks about budgeting, how to get out of debt, build savings, etc)

~A year of Biblical Womanhood- Great (a woman's account of taking the Bible very literally and doing everything a "Biblical" woman would do, for a year. Very funny, heartwarming.. loved it.)

~Surprised by Motherhood- Good (another parenting book)


~What Alice Forgot- Good

~House Rules by Jodi Picoult- Great (a lot of suspense)

~Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult- Great (very interesting, a little weird, lots of wolf facts lol)

~The Sugar Queen- Good (a little strange at times)

~Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult- Good

~The Wedding Date by Sophie Kinsella- Good (like her others-- fun read, quick, chick lit)

~Penny Wise by Neta & Dave Jackson- Good (not as great as some of her others, a little cheesy, but I liked it)

Didn't realize I'd read so much nonfiction lately! I've been on a parenting book kick lately for some reason. I just picked up a few new fiction reads, so that is probably what I'll be reading next. Better get in my reading now, before school starts back in August and I'll mostly be reading textbooks! ;)

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