Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've written on here! There has been so much going on... but I'm back now. And I guess I'll jump right in with a WILW post :)

~Brooke and Caleb's birthday party has been planned! Finally. We are going to do it combined again this year. They don't mind.. they have the same friends anyway! We are doing a pool party, and having cupcakes, and lots of fun with friends. Can't wait.

~I got everything set up and finalized for starting back to college! I went in and took a computer test I needed.. passed that. Then went to talk to an adviser. She set me up with 5 classes.. one is online. I am doing a full load and I hope I can handle it, but I want to jump right in and get going to get this degree! Next step is to go buy my books and get my ID made and all that good stuff. I feel sort of nerdy saying this, but I am SO excited!!! Oh and definitely nervous too... especially since I've never done school while having kids. But my classes are while the kids are in school... so that works out great! I don't even have to go at night. Now if only I can get used to doing a bunch of homework again...

~The other day the big kids went to an all day arts & crafts thing and swimming at Mom and Dad's neighborhood. It was only for ages 6-12, so Rachel was a little bummed she didn't get to go this time, but I told her we'd do something fun, too. So we had a special Rachel and Mommy day. I took her to the park to play, to the splashpad, and to Mc Donald's to get a happy meal. They have Ty Beanie Boos as their toys right now and she wanted one. I wanted the OWL but she got the leopard. Oh well, it was still cute! We also baked some brownies at home and she got to play computer games without anyone bugging her. So i'd say the day was a success! And the big kids came home with tons of crafts and they had a blast as well.

~We got Brooke's  bed all set up in her room, and it looks great. I was so lucky a friend on facebook was selling one at the time we needed one! I love the antique white color. 

~We have started Summer Adventure at our church, which is like VBS basically. Every wed. night in July kids go from 6:30 to 8:30 and have songs, games, crafts, snacks, outside play and all sorts of things. This year Arnold and I decided to help out. Arnold is a "floater" and helps out wherever needed. I am in the nursery for the volunteer's kids (big surprise huh?!) Last week we only had 3 little ones, so it was calm and quiet and we had a lot of fun. I enjoy being around my church family and helping out!

~I love seeing all the school supplies in stores now. Although I'm sure those who are teachers DON'T  like it, because they don't want to rush it. Rachel saw a FROZEN bookbag the other day and begged me for it. I prefer cute bookbags over character ones, but I guess we will see. I can't believe that I will be needing my own school supplies this year. And what do adults carry? A bookbag? A messenger bag? I really have no clue! 

~In just 6 more days Arnold and I are going to the Dave Matthews concert!!! Yaaaay! He bought the tickets awhile back for my birthday. we have been one time before and loved it, so I can't wait to go again. It will be such an awesome date night for us. Lately we have been stressed and we NEED this night. Badly. I have my BFF Erika to thank, who is letting the kids come over while we go. She is a LIFESAVER. I will really owe her bigtime!

~Yesterday I saw an ad advertising 50 percent off all the pizzas at Domino's, so we ordered pizza for dinner. It was only $8 for an XL pizza.. that is a good deal! All of us in this household love pizza!

~Arnold recently put some rugs and toys and chairs down in the basement and let the kids go down there now to play. We just doubled our living area in the house! Eventually we'd like to remodel down there and really make it nice. Maybe even an extra bedroom so we will have more room when the kids become older. I can't believe one day we will have three teenagers in the house--- that scares me!!!!!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately....

Rach at McDonald's with her beanie boo

Baking some brownies

Playtime at the park

Fun at the splashpad. She was being a little shy though!

She was upset I put her in the baby swing. And she got a little stuck! haha.

Caleb made me this at VBS! How sweet!

The kids found a caterpillar. They named him Willie. They loved playing with him.

The fairy garden Brooke made. It is beautiful!

A typical night at our house. Arnold and a kid with a guitar in hand.

They look sooo much alike! It is crazy to see!

Reading the kids bedtime stories and devotions. Love that time of night! :)

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