Saturday, September 6, 2014

All About Abbs

I am officially Abigail Elizabeth Sears, but you can call me Abbs.

**First and foremost I LOVE JESUS! He is my entire world. He has shaped who I have become, gotten me through more than you could imagine, and never left my side. I am so blessed to be a daughter of the King!

**I met my husband online. Years ago that would have been considered taboo. Today is is way more common! Our first date was going to Oktoberfest :)

**I recently got a job at Christ Church, on the Childcare Staff. I am so excited to be working with the kids!

**I am back in college after nearly 9 years of being out. I am doing the Medical Office Administration Program. I love, love it so far!

**I attend Christ Church- Fairgrove campus, and love it there. I was even baptized there in 20ll!

**I volunteer work at the Pregnancy Care Center every thursday evening. For over 3 years now. I felt led to do it, and it has been such a blessing and so rewarding! I love all the ladies there that have the same passion for babies that I do!

**The son I gave up for adoption will be 10 years old this November. I miss him every day.

**Other names we considered for our girls were-- Erica, Julia, Layla, and Taylor. Other names we considered for Caleb were Ethan, Hunter, Garrett, Noah, Jonah, and Wyatt.

**I am deathly afraid of clowns, bugs, tight spaces, needles, falling, driving in rain/storms, and speaking in front of crowds.

**I have to sleep covered up with a blanket, on my stomach, with my right knee propped up.

**I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I'm not at all ashamed of it.

**I was very close to my Grandma, and I miss her so much. I sometimes have dreams with her in it. I still sleep with a quilt she made me when I was 14. Rachel is named after her (Middle name- Louise)

**A recent obsession of mine is thrifting. 75cent novels and $3 like-new Gymboree dresses? Yes please!

**I don't like Halloween, scary movies, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, zombies, Edgar Allen Poe, or anything creepy. I am 100% wimp.

**I am a proud Republican. Pro-life. Very conservative in my thinking. And if you don't like me because of it, oh well.

**I have never had a broken bone or cavity in my life. And yes I am the clumsiest person ever, and eat lots of sweets. How ironic is that??

**I have known my 3 closest friends for 15 years, 7 years, and 3 1/2 years. They are everything to me.

**My handwriting would remind you of that of a 5-year old's. I know because Rachel has neater handwriting than me!

**I never played sports, but was on the Marching Band and highschool newspaper. Since I am so tall though, everyone always asked me why I didn't play basketball.

**I don't like meat on the bone. Ew, ick. My kids do though, they must get it from their Daddy!

**I celebrate every holiday, birthday, occasion, (and tuesday?!) What is wrong with celebrating???

**I get stopped all the time by people telling me I look "so much like someone they know." I guess I just have that typical "girl next door" look :)

**I on on Facebook way too much. WAY.TOO.MUCH. Do they have support groups???

**I collect owl stuff. Owl stuff makes me happy. I have lost count how many owl things I have. I am the crazy owl lady. That is how everyone sees me, at least.

**I am a lover of dogs. Especially dachshunds. They are so cute. I don't see the point in cats (sorry to all the cat people out there!)

**I am a major stickler for correct grammar and spelling, but I despise writing "formal" papers in my English class.

**I have a bit of a crush on Willie from Duck Dynasty and Leonard from Big Bang Theory :)

**I have a huge head. It is hard to find hats to fit me! Big heads also run in my children. Big heads+natural childbirth=lots of pain.

**Before you say I have the "perfect set of teeth" let me tell you that comes with a price. Years of braces, headgear, retainers, and veneers! But now I LOVE my teeth!

**It goes without saying that I love reading. I love books. I love the smell of books. I love receiving books as gifts. I love it when books go on sale. I love it when people recommend to me good books!

**I am very, very self-conscious about myself. I worry a lot and sometimes fear that people are looking at me, judging me, or talking about me. It is something I am working on.

**I am very nosy. I love other people's blogs. And pictures. I am fascinated by how other people live. Wow, that kinda makes me sound like a stalker! ;)

**I am big on my sleep. I mean biiiig on it. I require about 8-9 hours of sleep at night, or stay out of my way. No seriously. I dig naps too. When I get the chance ;)

**I love Italian food and seafood. Especially five cheese ziti and crab legs. I can put a hurting on some crab legs. Just ask my husband ;)

**I hope to have one more child. By means of adoption. I have faith that God will bless us!

**I hate the feeling of being dirty. Because of that I hate sweating, hate sitting in sand, hate swimming, and hate the ocean. I usually take 2 showers a day. More if I feel gross that day!

**I love anything and everything Christmas. I plan out and shop for gifts months in advance. I get out my decorations way too early. I listen to Christmas cds every day in my van for 2 months straight. I send out Christmas cards to everyone I know. We are that family that does Elf on the Shelf-- oh yes we are.


**I can name the all the states in alphabetical order. I have met Nicholas Sparks. I watch every Adam Sandler movie that comes out. I have never tried yoga. I have to have even numbers at the gas station or it bothers me. I type about 90 wpm on average. I have never met my biological parents. I never keep my phone charged! Liars and mean people aggravate me very much! Sweet tea is my drink of choice. I didn't dye my hair until I was in my late 20's and started getting gray hairs. I've seen Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert 9 times-- some of those when I was very pregnant!


  1. Come try yoga tomorrow night at the Yoga loft in Conover! Jessica is teaching. Bring your mom and get your yoga on!
    Jennifer Wofford

  2. I would if I wasn't still feeling so bad.

  3. Great list. :). We could totally be friends! :)

  4. Hi there! You left me the sweetest comment earlier this week and I am just now getting round to visit and say hi, and most of all, thank you! And I have to say... we are like virtual twins in a LOT of ways: thrifting, reading, anti-creepy anything, teeth trauma, need sleep, giant head, and on and on and on!!! (It's almost weird lol). Have a great weekend!