Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend in Review

Friday morning I had two classes to go to, English and Healthcare Management. We turned in some homework Fri morning and I got it back today, and made a 98! Woohoo! The kids had a half day at school, they got out at 11:30am. I don't get out of class til 11:20am on Fridays, so needless to say I was the first one out of that classroom and speeding all the way home. But I made it just in time to pick up the kids! (super mom!) I was trying not to bother anyone to pick them up for me. We went home and the kids played while I did some cleaning. Arnold came home early that day to work some on his car. It had been acting weird lately, so he bought some parts and tried to fix the problem himself. Well it turns out what he did to it did NOT fix the car, but we now know what is wrong with it, thanks to Advance Auto Parts hooking it up to their machine and telling us. Geez, this car is old and it is going to be expensive to fix. But it's better than having to buy a new car, I guess!
Friday afternoon Mom said she would take the kids so Arnold and I could go on a date!!! We have been super stressed lately and we needed it badly, so I was sooo very excited. We dropped the kids off with Mom around 2:30. We had some time to kill before the movie we were going to, so we decided to go over to Toys R Us to look around at some ideas for Christmas gifts. I was browsing in the girls' section and saw TWO PUPPY SURPRISES on the shelf! One pink one, and one of the dalmations (which is an exclusive and hard to find!) I scooped those babies up right away.. couldn't believe I had found them! They also had one last set on the shelf of the talking Ninja Turtles or whatever they are called (I still have a hard time with boy toys!) and that was on Caleb's list, so we picked that up too. While we were at it, we decided to go ahead and start a layaway for the kids there. That way we could store the presents there, and also make payments on their gifts. When Arnold saw the total at the register he looked a little shocked but I reminded him that "but honey.. we have several weeks to pay it off! And they are only kids once!!" ;)
Then it was time to go to the movies. We went to see "This is Where I Leave You." We had forgotten our popcorn bucket at home, and Arnold realllly loves the movie popcorn, so he actually paid $6.50 for a SMALL popcorn! What?! Our BIG bucket would have only been only $3.75! Oh well, it was a special occasion I guess ;) I thought the movie would be a chick flick or cheesy, but it was actually really good! It was funny at parts, and touching at parts. Had a lot of good/popular actors in it, too. A few of the scenes were kindof crude.. but other than that, I loved it. I liked it was one Arnold and I BOTH agreed was good! After the movie we went to dinner at Applebee's. We got there just in time that we only had to wait 5 minutes for a table (I hate having to wait!!) I got the chicken fajita rollup which I get everytime because it is my favorite! I love getting to have a meal without begging kids to eat, and to stop leaning on the table, and to stop arguing, and to close their mouths when chewing.. etc, etc etc! I'm sure other Moms will relate!
Saturday morning we got the kids ready and headed to Brooke's ballgame. I can tell they have been practicing hard, Brooke did a great job. I just love watching her, she seems to have a great time and she is just adorable! (I may be biased ;) And the coolest part of the day was that ALEX and Ariel came into town for a visit. They were just up for a few days to move some of Alex's furniture back down to Florida. But it was great to see them! After the game Arnold and the kids headed to the Redneck fesitval in our town (a benefit Arnold plays music at every year) and I went back to Mom and Dad's house to visit with everyone. Mom bought BBQ for everyone for lunch, since their church was having a benefit that day as well. That afternoon Mom, Ariel and I went out shopping together. It was so much fun!
That evening everyone joined back up at Mom and Dad's house, for dinner. Ariel likes to cook, so she helped mom make dinner.. chicken, spinach and alfredo lasanga. Brooke and Rachel LOVE to help in the kitchen, so they got a kick out of Ariel letting them help her measure things, pour things, and stir. They even wore little aprons, it was adorable. I know mom is glad to finally have someone who enjoys cooking with her, since I HATE to cook! I wish I didn't, but I do! Oh well, I have so many other good qualities so it's ok ;) Arnold helped Alex load up his furniture in the back of the Uhaul he had rented. The kids jumped in the back of Alex's truck and said they were going to go down to Florida with their Uncle Alex. Rachel said "I sure am going to miss him!" That goes for all of us! We hate them living so far away, but we know they are happy, so that is what matters.
Sunday morning I went to church early, and stayed for 2 services. I "shadowed" a girl that works there, who I am taking over for, since she just got a new nursing job. My new title is Sprouts Team Leader which means I will be working every Sunday morning to oversee the baby classes, make sure volunteers are there to watch the kids, and step in as needed if we are short on people. I ended up working the 2nd service since we were short on people, and thank goodness because we had 8 kids, including 2 newborn twin baby girls! I was in love.. at one point I was holding both of them in my arms, rocking them back and forth. Oh how i love getting my baby fix in every week! I am so blessed that I am able to make money now with something I already so dearly love! My first official week in the job will be next Sunday! I am excited! :)
Sunday afternoon we worked around the house and yard (ok, mostly Arnold haha) and were able to get some naps in, so that was awesome! Yesterday evening one of our fave tv shows Resurrection came back on for the 2nd season. I am so happy to have it back and can't wait to see what happens!
Hope everyone has a fantastic week! :)
Brooke helping cook on Saturday night. She had so much fun!

The girls cooking... caught them in an action shot. 

Mom, the girls, and Ariel. I love them all bunches!

Arnold and Bobo hanging out in the living room. They are twins! ;)

We decided to take Sheldon over there while we visited. He loved seeing dad again! He gave him kisses all over and hung out on his lap :)

Just hanging out with my sweet hubby!

Sitting with Alex on the back of the Uhaul, before they loaded it all up!

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