Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ballgames, Birthdays, and Brothers!

I love those weekends where you pack every single minute with something fun to do! And even though I collapse in the bed exhausted Sunday evening, it is so worth it. That is how this past weekend was for us.

Friday I went to my English class and then had to go to the library to work on an assignment for another class. It was my first time in the library there and I had to ask someone how to get there. Actually.. I walked around the building several times before I got up the courage to ask someone where it was. I don't know why I'm so shy around people I don't know! Anyway.. after I got done with all my classwork, It was only 11, so I decided to go over to Kohl's and buy a birthday present for a party we were going to that weekend. While I was leaving, Arnold called me and asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch.. at OLIVE GARDEN! One of my fave places to go, but we don't get to go much. So we got to sit there, kid-free, and talk. It was a mini-date and I was so happy we got the chance to do that! I ate five cheese ziti, which is what I get everytime (I'm not big on change) and we ate up the yummy salad and breadsticks til we were stuffed!

That evening when Arnold got off work, we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to the movies! We don't take the kids very often since it's soo expensive, but they had giftcards from their birthday. Also, we went at a special time slot and all the tickets were only $5.75! Even then, with the 5 tickets, popcorn refill, drinks, and candy (I snuck in the candy, ha!) it was still $45! Sheesh. Anyway.. we went to see Dolphin Tale 2. Brooke and Caleb had already seen the first one with my Mom, and seemed to like it. I really loved it.. it was a sweet movie and I teared up several times! I love dolphins, they are such majestic, beautiful creatures. And HARRY CONNICK JR is in the movie, and I love him.. he is one of my bigtime crushes ;) Don't judge! So yeah, we had a great time. Rachel kept saying "awwww! This is the cutest movie ever!" ;) So take Rachel's word for it and go see it if you get a chance!!

Saturday morning we got everyone ready and headed out to the football field for the game. We weren't even sure if they were going to have a game, since it POURED buckets the night before in our county, and there was a flood watch. Both sets of Brooke's grandparents came out to see her cheer, so I know that made her feel special :) My mom brought chocolate covered raisins out for us to eat for a snack.. I love those! The girls had practiced hard and did great at their halftime show! They even did some stunts. Since Brooke is one of the bigger/taller girls, she got to help hold up their little mascot. It was so cute :)  The weather wasn't too bad at first, but it got HOT towards the end, and I sweated so much I had to go home and change clothes. But the good news is, our team won!

Right after the game we headed over to a birthday party. We were about 45 minutes late because the game ran over, but I know my friend understood.. she's a mom too! It was for my friend Amanda's son, Gavin, who turned 2. He had a Curious George birthday party, and everything was really cute. The cake was delicious!! I may have eaten my slice and some of Brooke's that she didn't finish, haha ;) The kids enjoyed playing outside and blowing bubbles. Then they had to get right up on top of the action to watch Gavin open his presents. We got him a Fisher Price toolset... and he seemed to love it! He cried when they tried to put away the little drill, so I'd say we had a hit ;) They had a Curious George book for everyone to sign and write messages in for Gavin (I love doing that for my kids, too!) They gave out Curious George coloring books and glasses to all the kids as favors when we left. We had a great time... thanks again Amanda!! :) 

My brother came into town for the weekend, so we headed to Mom and Dad's house after that, to visit. Plus, it was my Dad's birthday, so even more reason to celebrate! Alex lives in Florida and it takes him 9 hours to get up here, so we don't get to see him very often :( The kids about tackled him to the ground when we got there, and Rachel said "I'm so glad he's here!" It melted my heart :) This time around Alex brought up his girlfriend, Ariel, to meet everyone. She has a 1 year old daughter named Brielle, and she came too. She was the CUTEST thing ever, with little curls, and toddling around. The girls thought it was fabulous having her there. They dragged all their toys out for her to play with, and followed her around everywhere. For dinner we had low country boil, or as Alex and I have always called it "crap in a pot!!!!" ;) We were supposed to eat outside but it started raining RIGHT before, so we came inside. Everyone sat around and ate and talked, and for dessert mom had bought a chocolate cake and a red velvet cake! We gave Dad a Barnes and Noble Giftcard to get a new book-- he loves to read just like his daughter ;) We also made him a photobook of our trip to the beach last month, but it didn't arrive in the mail in time :( Oh well. 

Sunday we worked at cleaning the house some, had lunch, and watched tv. Early afternoon we headed back to Mom and Dad's again to say bye to Alex and Ariel before they had to head back home. It really stinks that their visit went by in a flash! I think we are supposed to see them again in a few weeks though, so that makes me happy! last time it was about 4 months in between visits! After we got back home I was supposed to working on some homework, but I fell asleep and took a nap. Oh well, isn't that what Sundays are for anyway??? ;) 

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!! :)

At Brooke's game Saturday morning

Brooke and her cousin, bekah. They got to wear tattoos on their faces this week. They thought that was the coolest ;) Brooke begged me not to scrub it off for a few days.

Gavin opening presents at his party

The kids being silly at Gavin's party

Dinnertime Saturday night!! Arnold got to pour it out onto the plate this time ;)

Alex holding sweet Brielle! Isn't she beautiful?!

the kids playing with Brielle when they got there. You can tell how happy Brooke is :)

I couldn't resist getting a pic of Dad in a party hat! Dad with his two favorite kids ;)

We even put the party hat on the doggie! ha!

A family pic we took before the weekend was over! Love!

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