Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~College is going well so far and I think I am finally getting used to my schedule. Arnold has been sweet to take the kids off my hands when I need to get some studying done. So far all my grades have been A's. I am nervous about a big paper I have coming up in English though!!!!
~My cousin Stephanie, who is a year older than me, just announced this week that she is pregnant! It will be her first child. I am so happy she is getting to experience motherhood. And that baby will be gorgeous! ;) Carrie Underwood announced it the same day! Must be something in the water ;)
~19 Kids and Counting season premiere was last night! I am so excited to see the preparations and then the wedding of JILL AND DERICK!!! They are so, so sweet together! I also can't wait for my other shows to come back later this month.
~I really enjoyed having a 4-day weekend over labor day! I had the usual friday and saturday off, then Monday for Labor day, and tuesdays I don't have school anyway! So I was able to get some rest and enjoy time with the family. And Sunday night we went over to Mom and Dad's house for dinner. Dad grilled hamburgers and mom made homemade french fries! I miss having their cooking every night! ;)
~ Two things I've been wanting were released this week. The Sims 4.. yes they are STILL making those games. I remember when the original game came out when I was a teenager. I bought it and played it for hours upon hours! My dad got so mad at me and said it was a waste of time and not at all like the real world, haha ;) Well anyway, they have made it even cooler and I hope to get it and play it if it will work on my laptop! Also-- Phil from Duck Dynasty released a book this week so you know I will be reading that!
~Brooke's cheering at her first football game this Saturday! Since she is on the team with the older girls now, their games aren't until 11:30. She has been having a great time and I can't wait to see her cheer! I love this time of year!
~I got a job!!! They were looking for part-time workers on the childcare staff at my church (for all the church campuses actually) and so I told them I was interested, went in and talked to the head of the Childcare, and I am going to start soon! What is awesome is I can take as few or many hours as I can work, and make some good money! I can even take the kids will me if I need to, which is a major perk! I am so blessed to find something to make extra money that is so flexible!!
~Arnold picked me up a little present at the mall the other day. he had to take the van to the Sears Auto Center.. and while he was waiting on it, he took the kids to some stores. They got me this little owl candle holder at Kirklands. I LOVE that store! Especially at this time of year!

~Rachel had to do a project for her Kindergarten class. An "All About me" bag and a family poster. I don't print pictures often so I was having to go with older pictures, ha! But at least it worked. Rachel added all her special family members on the poster and then drew her pets herself :) In the All About Me bag we put a mini Lalaloopsy (what she likes to play with), a Dora necklace (something special- her Daddy gave it to her) A family picture, and a little paper showing her favorite things.

I'm sure if you're a girl from the 80s or 90s you remember Puppy Surprise!!!! Well they brought them back and they are one of the HOT TOYS for this year. So if you want one for your daughter for Christmas, you'd better get it now! I heard they have them at Toys R Us and Target. I plan to get one for Rachel if I can find one in time! I hope her's has several puppies because that girl has an attitude and I know she will want lots of puppies!!! ;)

~We took the kids out yardsaling this past Saturday. We haven't gotten to do that much this summer, but it's always a lot of fun. (well maybe not for arnold ;) We didn't find many but we did score a few things. Brooke found a few more Magic Tree House books for her collection, and I found a few pokemon toys for my neice who LOVES Pokemon, and Caleb found a star wars toy. Then we decided to go to shell's for lunch since we were out that way. I love their hotdogs.. and cherry sundrop! The kids got slushes! They were happy! :)

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