Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites!!!

My Thirty One stuff finally came in this week! I love my purse! It is a hipster and easy to hold on to when I carry other stuff around, too. The monogram color I picked shows up great on it, too! I also got the paisley print wallet. It is pretty big and holds all my stuff. 

My younger brother got married! I now have a new sister-in-law, Ariel. And a new 1-yr old niece, Brielle! They live in Florida and we don't get to see them much, so that sucks :( But they ARE coming to visit at Christmas! I can't wait!!!

The other night at Lifegroup childcare, Erika was really on top of things! She brought a lot of Halloween crafts and goodies for us to do with the kids. First we made skeletons out of q-tips. Then we made spider crackers with pretzel legs. Then we decorated cookies! (even the adults did... gotta love sugar!) We made  HUGE mess.. glue and crumbs and icing all over the floor... oops! But I think the kids had a great time! 

I looooved watching Jill and Derick's wedding Tuesday night! I was crying through so many parts of it! Seeing Derick's mom get to be at the wedding, seeing Jim Bob tear up, seeing J & D so excited about being together.... it was all just beautiful! I was even imagining Arnold walking our own daughters down the aisle one day. Everytime I think about that for even a moment I tear up!!! I heard the episode had like 4.4 million viewers! Wow!! 

The other day we had absolutely beautiful weather! So we met up with some friends at the park after school. Rachel is wearing a dress because she had school pictures earlier that day. She got to play with her BFF Kenzie, so they were thrilled :) I got to sit and chat with Erika and another new friend, Megan. We did have a few incidents though.. Rachel got her poor leg pinched in one of the play gym metal things, and Caleb busted his lip open on the slide!!!! But they are ok..... I am glad we decided to spend that time outside because later in the week it has started getting COLD!!!! 

Tuesday the kids had school pictures. I love Rachel's Carter's dress with the polka dots and sparkly collar! I like Brooke's dress but kinda wish I had picked something cuter for her pics now. Oh well. All the kids said they smiled big for the camera.. I can't wait to see the pics when they get in! 

This arrived in our mailbox yesterday!! I always love getting the Toys R Us and Target toy books every year. They usually have sales and coupons that go along with them, too. I loved flipping through it along with the kids! They saw a bunch of things they wanted of course.. some I had already bought (yes!!) and some were new requests and waaay too expensive ($100 Monster High Castle made of plastic?? I don't think so!!!) But I can't believe how close it is getting to Christmas already! I love this time of year!! 

~A friend told me about Paperback swap, a website where you can list books you don't need anymore, and if someone requests one of your's, all you have to do is mail it to them and then you get a credit to pick out a book for you! I have already mailed 7 books since signing up and am waiting on my new books to arrive to me (already have gotten 2!) I think it is pretty awesome, and a cheap way to get some new books! Only thing is I wish there was a better selection of newer books, but it's still worth it to me!

~Happy Halloween to everyone! The kids were so excited to go to school today. They got to wear their costumes, have parties in their classrooms, and go to an after-school halloween dance. Tonight we are taking them trick-or-treating, then to Ihop for dinner. They do free scary face pancakes for kids!! Hope everyone has a fun and safe evening!!!! :)

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