Friday, February 6, 2015

30 Before 30 List! Updated with Accomplished Items

So... I turn 30 this Summer! Wow, that really snuck up on me. I wanted to look back through my "30 before 30" list and see what all I have accomplished, and what I still have to do. All the things in italics and green are the things I have already accomplished. I tried to add pics to the ones I could, for fun :) I have finished over half the list but surprised at how many things I still have left to do! I really want to finish the list, if at all possible!

If anyone has any ways to help me, support me, or any suggestions on ways to finish up my list, I'm all ears!! And wish me luck!! ;)

1. Pay off our van--  Completed February, 2013

2. Get a dachshund--  Completed August, 2013

3. Drive somewhere far away by myself-- Completed Feb, 2012

4. Find a place to volunteer-- Completed July, 2011 (PCC)

5. Survive all 3 of my kids starting Kindergarten!- Completed by August, 2014

6. Go back to college to get my degree-- Completed August, 2014

7. Take a family vacation-- Completed August, 2014

8. Buy a nice DSLR camera-- Completed 

9. Join a gym-- Completed February, 2014

10. Dye my hair a different shade-- Completed

11. Go to a movie all by myself-- Completed September, 2014

12. Donate a nice chunk of money to a cause I support-- Completed

13. Pay for someone's meal behind me in line-- Completed December, 2013

14. Have over 150 followers on my blog-- Completed in 2014

15. Do something amazing and selfless for someone who could never pay you back-- Completed November, 2004

16. Have a natural birth, no meds what-so-ever-- Completed August, 2006 (Brooke)

17. Get baptized-- Completed November, 2011

18. Meet one of my fave. authors-- Completed Sept, 2012 (Nicholas Sparks!)

19. Try sushi

20. Take the girls to an American Girl doll store

21. Say "yes" for an entire week

22. Buy a really nice, expensive pair of shoes or purse

23. Get a massage

24. Try yoga

25. Go a whole week without the internet (NO social media!)

26. Read through the entire Bible

27. Sing karaoke in public

28. Get a small tattoo on the inside of my wrist

29. Forgive someone who has wronged me and thank someone who has helped me

30. Find my biological parents

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