Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015!

The kids had an awesome day at school the day before Valentine's Day. They had class parties, exchanged valentines with their friends, and had a dance after school. So I didn't even pick them up til 4:30 that afternoon! I had a long, relaxing day at home, since I don't have school on Fridays :)

That evening after I picked them up we met Arnold at Applebee's for dinner. The girls looked cute in their matching heart dresses. Caleb had gotten a mustache tattoo and put it on and wore it at dinner, haha. We had a yummy dinner and then headed over to Walmart to pick up some dog treats, snacks, and other random things we needed. We also went to look at a few more stores, but the kids were getting really restless, so Arnold took them home (we were in seperate cars) and I stayed out for a big longer. It was nice to go walk around the mall alone. I went to Yankee Candle and picked up a bunch of tarts because they were having their $1 tart sale! I got a lot of spring/summer scents like watermelon and beach, and they smell so good and make me ready for Spring! I also went by Crazy 8 and they have some crazy low clearance stuff so I loaded up on some stuff for my niece, Brielle! I can't wait to give it to her. Before I went home I went by Coldstone and picked up a chocolate icecream cake to take home for me and Arnold. They sent me an email earlier in the week advertising their cakes for special occasions and I thought about those cakes all week! They knew what they were doing, ha. The cake was DELICIOUS!!! We are some every night for 3 nights. Yum.

Saturday morning I set out some little gifts I had gotten the kids for V-day, and tied heart balloons to their kitchen chairs. They played around with their stuff in the morning and got ready. We met my parents at Mellow Mushroom at lunchtime. My parents said they wanted to take them out to lunch and a play for a V-day treat. Arnold and I LOVED that because that meant we got to go have some time to ourselves. We went to Olive Garden for lunch (our fave!) and I had some yummy salad and five cheese ziti (like always! ;) Then we went over to the mall to walk around (not a lot of options around here!) I did score bigtime at a sale at Dillard's, and got some new pj pants and other things. 

Mom called when we were leaving the mall and told us that the play was over (they went to see "The Stinky Cheese." And so we met to pick up the kids. Then we took the kids to the movies to see Spongebob. I Sooooo didn't want to go! I do not like Spongebob at all, and even tried to keep him out of our house. But some family members let the kids watch the show and they love it, and begged us to go see the movie when they saw the previews. So I said I would take them, for Valentine's Day. The movie was pretty awful... It was kind-of like being on a trip.. hard to explain, haha. AND they said a bad word. I was shocked! I knew it was Spongebob, but I didn't expect that! There were lots of little kids in there! But somehow.. the kids still ended up liking the movie. How?? I don't know. I feel like my IQ went down several points!!!!

Sunday morning I got up early and went to church to work. I had one of my best friends working with me during early service, so that was fun. Erika was at home because she had been sick :( We had a pretty good amount of kids, and they were all pretty well behaved. Then second service I had 2 helpers and me in there, so everything went really smoothly. I got to cuddle baby Easton for awhile, and get my baby time in! :) After church I was getting ready to leave, backing up, and heard a huge crunch. I was like ohhhh no. I had no idea what I had hit. Turns out I hit someone's vehicle.. it had kindof been in my blind spot, directly behind me, and I didn't see it at all. I actually bounced off their car and went forward. What was worse was the girl was walking to her car and saw it all.. I was so embarrassed :( I knew her, and she was nice about it, but I felt so bad. Some of the paint on Arnold's car came off on her bumper. I felt so bad I cried all the way to lunch!

After that incident I met Shana for lunch at Captain's Galley. I got some yummy cajun shrimp for lunch and got to talk to Shana, so I started to feel better after awhile :) Then she needed to go to the mall to look for Shaylee some clothes, so I went to the mall for a THIRD time that weekend. Ha! I didn't mind though.. I love getting to spend time with my friends! We went to Crazy 8 and Gymboree and I got even more clearance stuff.. I couldn't resist it, haha. I also got Caleb a St. Patty's day shirt. I wish it would hurry up and get warm so the kids can wear all their new clothes for this year!! Before we left the mall we stopped by the coffee shop where our friend Amanda works, and picked up some cheerwine in glass bottles. Drinks always taste better in glass bottles! :) I even took one home for Arnold since he had been so sweet to watch the kids and stuff while I was gone :)

So that was our weekend. I had a pretty good time, and I think the kids did too! I am glad I got a little alone with with Arnold, that is always nice! Hope everyone else had a great V-day, also! :)

Brooke's class had a project to make creative boxes to hold their valentines in. They had to make it, and write a paper about the steps they took to make it. I helped Brooke make a castle out of a cereal box and paper towel rolls. I think it turned out pretty cute :) They had a contest in her class and one of the winners of course was the kid who made a TOILET as her valentine holder! Goodness...

This was the DELICIOUS cake I got from Coldstone! I called it our Valentine's Day cake so I could have a good excuse to get it ;) It was so yummy and we ended up not even sharing it with the kids! We ate it after they went to bed! ha! You don't want to know how expensive it was either.. shhhhh :)

The kids' V-day treats we sat out for them that morning. Each one got a new Beanie Boo, a book, and a little push pop candy.

Took a few pics outside with their balloons, before we met Mom and Dad.

Enjoying a yummy lunch ALONE with my sweet hubby :)

My v-day gifts from Arnold (i basically led him in the right direction! ha!) Owl pj pants, pretty scarves with elephants, and two new charms for my bracelet-- a heart, and a turtle (special meaning to our family! :)

The kids and I outside the theater after we went to see Spongebob. I don't know why Arnold didn't zoom in more! We were so COLD too!!!

How I ended up my weekend.. reading in bed. Isn't that the best? And isn't my new bookmark cute?!

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