Friday, February 20, 2015

Good Mom/Bad Mom

There are lots of things I do or don't do as a mom that make me feel guilty. But then again, there are lots of things I do that make me feel proud of myself as a Mom. So here are some lists, and I know my fellow Moms can relate to some of these! Share your own!

Things I'm GOOD at as a Mom

1. My kids have always been pretty good sleepers, and they always stay in their beds at night unless one of them has a nightmare, then we let them come into our bed and cuddle :) We also have set bedtimes that even Brooke has whined about occasionally because some of her friends get later, but I like routine.

2. We have always limited their caffeine. They actually didn't have any until Grandparents gave them some! Today, it is just on special occasions they get some. I am a caffeine addict and don't want them to be!

3. I always make sure they have cute outfits for all holidays and special occasions. Ok, ok, so that is not all that important, but I like to look back on the pictures and know I picked out their clothes and they were cute because of me ;)

4. I make sure they spend time with their Grandparents. I want them to be involved in their lives. We have let them go to lunches, plays, sleepovers, etc with them when they ask. And even a weekend trip once. They love their Grandparents and I am happy they are nearby so we can see them often.

5. I read the kids devotionals every night. We have a daily devotional family book that has a new one every night. A message/story, some supporting scripture, and a verse to memorize. I love doing this, and every night the kids tell me what they "got out of it." They seem to be grasping things pretty well. It is important to me they learn about what the Bible says, and morals to help them grow.

6. I plan them super fun birthday parties. My good friends know how I am about parties. Once again, you don't have to throw a big party to show  your kids you love them. It just makes me feel happy to spend that time focusing on doing something to make them happy. I love everything about it, the planning, buying, setting up, and of course watching their faces when they see the party and all their friends. It's worth the time and (occasional stress!) to me to have them memorable birthdays!

7. We take them to church every sunday (for the most part-- unless sickness, weather, etc.) My kids have grown up in church, like I did. Every sunday they get fellowship with their teachers and friends their age. They learn about the Bible and Jesus. They get excited about things they learn. This is very important for their Spiritual development.

8. Reading lots of books to them. Arnold would say we have WAY too many books in the house. But can you EVER have too many books?! Didn't think so :) We have been reading to them since they were in the womb! Everyone saying reading is important, and it is. Thankfully I love to read anyway, so it is something fun for me to do, not a chore! I try to read books to them most nights before bed, and whenever they ask.

9. I teach them manners. They have gotten pretty good about the basic things, like saying thank you to people who give them something or do something for them. They say excuse me usually when they burp. They do pretty well at dinner and in restaurants. There is always room for improvement and I have to remind them, but I am proud of their progress.

10. I make holidays fun. This is another thing I love to do, just like parties. My mom did things for me growing up, and I always wanted to do similar things for my kids. We do special treats/meals, little gifts, surprises (like the day I covered their room doors with hearts with reasons I loved them), we bring out Bob the Elf at Christmas time, we have thrown themed holiday parties for our friends... just a few ways we enoy the holidays!

Things I am BAD at as a Mom

1. I do not handle throw up or blood. Nope. I think Arnold has cleaned up every bit of throwup in this house, from the kids', to his, to even the dog's. Thank GOODNESS for him, or I don't know what I would do!

2. I'm a bad cook. Yeah, yeah, everyone knows it and picks on me. My kids don't starve. I do know how to cook some things. But don't be expecting a fancy 4-course meal from scratch anytime soon. Thankfully my husband is a good cook and doesn't mind cooking some nights either!

3. Remembering to send in papers/forms, etc to school. Do you know how many times the kids have said "Mom! you forgot my money for this. Or my permission slip for this. Or to turn in my library book today. Or put me in gym shoes." Yep. That is me. I am the disorganized school mom. I apologize now to all my kids' teachers. (and I actually have before in person!)

4. Getting Rachel to eat decent food. That kid is PICKY! There are a few things she likes and the rest she will sit there and stare at, even if I threaten her, and she will not eat it. She would rather go hungry. Brooke was always a good eater. Caleb will whine but will eat it. Rachel will not back down. She is stubborn as all get out. Any advice? Haha. She is the reason the kids take vitamins.

5. Limiting computer and tv time. I try to do my best, and I have gotten better. But they do watch tv every day, and play computer games. They are addicted to a game called Animal Jam right now. I have to literally drag them away from the computer when their time is up. Sometimes on hard days I just give in. I  know it's bad. Oh and tv didn't wait until 2 years old either. I think Brooke was saying ELMO! before she was even a year old ;)

6. Staying patient during homework time. I am already naturally not a very patient person. Wish I was. But homework time drives me insane. Trying to explain every little detail and question in math to Brooke. Keeping Rachel focused on her worksheet until she is finished and making sure her handwriting is legible. Telling Caleb to read for 20 minutes. It's just a nightmare in the afternoons. Yep.

7. Swimming. Yeah.. Abby doesn't swim. I don't like it. Call me weird all you want. Arnold has taken over that duty. He swims in the pool with them. He swam at the beach with them this past year. I sit on the sidelines. You may call me a bad parent for not getting in there in the water with my kids.. but I say, look at all the other things I DO! Not a big deal. At least for me. They still get plenty of water time!

8. Keeping up with their baby books. Yeah, we don't even want to go there. They are all on the shelf, gathering dust. I did start out writing their stats and stuff, and even kept it up with Brooke's for awhile. But I never added pictures. Or updated. Or anything. Thank goodness I have my blog now, to remember things we did in their early years! Hey, a blog can be a digital baby book, right?? :)

9. Getting regular professional family pictures done. I always mean to get updated pictures done, but It always slips my mind or something comes up. 2 springs ago we had some done by my friend that were amazing! I want to get some more done soon! I do get the kids' school pictures done and into frames. I didn't even get their hospital photos. Yeah.......... at least I take a lot of "candid" shots of my own. Those are even better sometimes, right??? ;)

10. Remembering to clip their nails. By the time I am sitting near them and notice it, their nails are long and crooked like a witch's. Haha, just kidding. But for real, why is it so hard to remember the simple things sometimes? I need a big board in my kitchen telling me step by step what to do every day so I don't forget!!

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