Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I found Rachel's easter dress! I wasn't really meaning to look for it yet, but the other day I was out shopping and saw it at Jitterbugs, a local consignment store. I just had to have it. It was in her size.. actually she is growing out of that size but I think it will work for this year ;) I LOVE smocked dressed! And the little bunnies with the fuzzy tails??!!!! I die! Anyway, I have been looking and also found Brooke a blue dress that may become her easter dress, and Caleb a blue shirt and yellow/blue vest. Rachel will have a big blue bow. I am having them somewhat matching this year but not TOO matchy. I am ahead of the game this year!!

 My boys! They are twins! Looking more alike every day! Here they were watching Ninja Turtles on tv. Looking at their profiles and even how they are sitting the same with their leg up just blows my mind! And yes people actually stop us frequently to tell us that Caleb is a mini Arnold! We know ;)

Friday night we celebrated my BFF's son's 4th birthday! He had a John Deere tractor theme party at their house. I got to spend time with several of my closest friends, all at once! Even though it was crowded and chaotic in there I had a great time!!

I worked over the weekend doing childcare for the church.. they were doing a workshop thing. I got to work with Erika-- my BFF, so that made the day even more fun, and go by faster! I got to watch Claire and Easton who are two of my regulars on Sunday mornings. Claire followed me around the whole morning and we had a great time playing. I got to snuggle Easton and get my baby fix! We even got to go outside for a little while because it was a sunny, gorgeous day!!

After church on Sunday Arnold, the kids and I decided to go to lunch with Erika, Shana, and their girls! We went to East Coast Wings.. I actually had never been there before. I love their fries-- yum!! The girls had a BLAST sitting together, talking, and playing.. they are so sweet :) Later that afternoon we also met back up and had sweet frog together. Love time spent with friends!

I have finally gotten the courage to go get a tattoo on my wrist, like I have been saying for years now! I want to accomplish the goal before I turn 30, this summer. I am making a day of it, going with friends to get it done, and then going to try sushi that night (no I have NEVER eaten it!) I have a few ideas of what I want.. I like something like this.. an owl and somehow incorporate the kids into it, their initials or something. I am getting really excited about the 28th! I already have several friends wanting to go along!

Love my sweet kiddos! At least the two that will still kiss me! haha! Brooke is going through a stage where she says all that stuff is yucky. Breaks my heart! 

Last night they had a fun Valentine's night for kids, at Texas Roadhouse. It was kids eat free, they had little valentines set out for the kids at the table, and they gave out balloons. They even had a lady there to do face painting. We had a very yummy meal, and it was a great price! I tried the BBQ sandwich. I usually eat the same things every where I go, but I decided to branch out ;) Even our waiter was SUPER nice.. I love evenings like that! ;)

I just finished reading this book.. and it was great! I'd highly recommend it! It's pretty much straight-forward-it's about living a great life but spending less money, and focusing on the things that really matter.

Yesterday in Med class my teacher actually made us watch a short SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK video on the nervous system! We just started learning about it and I guess she thought it would help us remember stuff better?! Haha! I really do like her though, she is always coming up with great examples and fun stuff to help us learn our terminology. It doesn't even feel like college sometimes ;)

~Speaking of school, I made a 91 on my Computer exam I took last night! I made a 92 on the last exam I took in that class too, so I am doing pretty well so far!

~Rachel has started taking spelling tests! I can't believe she has gotten so big! She had her first one this past week, and only missed two. That was pretty good since she has never done it before. We studied before the test and she is doing better than I would have imagined!

~SO excited that 19 Kids & Counting comes back next week! I have missed having stuff to watch on Tuesday nights! I am also so happy Grey's is back! I am really liking the storylines right now.

~Everyone here is so excited about Valentine's Day. We all have a lot planned. The kids have class parties this Friday and a school dance after school. We need to fill out their valentines for their friends tonight! Arnold and I are going to a couple's night at church with dinner and a speaker.. it should be fun! And my mom is taking the kids out for a treat on Saturday, to lunch and a movie! They will love that! Mom already asked Caleb where he wants to go, and he said Mellow Mushroom. He loves pizza just like his Daddy ;)

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