Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

Books, books, books! I am so excited. I placed my first Scholastic order with Rachel's teacher this past week. I have no clue why I haven't done that before now. I got several awesome books for a good price, and it helps their classroom to earn books, too. I may get into trouble in the future with these flyers they send home, haha. Also, the book fair is next week! My favorite week of school! The kids and I have already been looking at the flyer and deciding which ones we want to get. Meanwhile, Arnold asks me where I am going to store them all???? Also-- I just finished a book myself, called "In This House We Will Giggle." It is a really good parenting book about enjoying your kids and values to instill into them when they are young. It really made me think more deeply about how important being a Mom is!

Mom surprised us with a Sam's Club membership this past weekend! Can you believe I've gone this long with being a Mom and never had one? I have been in there several times with Mom when I was growing up, and with friends to pick up cakes or party supplies. I am really looking forward to being able to stock up on stuff we need anyway, and try some new things. And like a friend pointed out, even their books are cheaper ;) The kids love to go in there and try all the samples. Honestly, they act like they are in a wonderland anytime we are in there! Haha. I love the girls' outfits they put out for different holidays! I hope to get Rachel one for Easter/springtime. 

The kids and I have been out of school several times over the past two weeks, due to winter weather. It actually snowed the other night and left a good amount on the ground. Arnold was a sweetheart and went out with the kids to build a snowman, because I am the type that hates snow (sorry if that is weird!) It is pretty when it is falling, but it is just a mess after that. And I hate being stuck at home all week! In the meantime I have been having to teach myself chapters in my med. book since we have been missing our lectures at college. Which didn't turn out too well for my last exam, but oh well. I am ready to be back to school next week and get back to normal. Oh and I'm a terrible Mom because I didn't take any pictures of the kids in the snow-- but I did get a picture of me studying the other night, haha. Oh and the snow is quickly starting to melt outside (thank goodness!) and our snowman has fallen over into the yard!!!!

I know it is crazy early to be thinking of Easter, but I am. I have spring on the mind! I have already picked out the kids' outfits. AND the other day their baskets came in the mail! Well actually, I guess you could call them "buckets" instead of baskets. I saw this deal pop up online one day for these personalized buckets you could use for Easter. They were cute, and on sale! I couldn't' resist and got one for each of the kids. They showed up here really quickly, and are cute, and bigger than I expected! I was meaning to get them personalized baskets when they were babies, but never got around to it. So I can't wait for them to use them this year, and in the coming years, too.

We celebrated some friends' birthdays this past weekend, and the kids had a lot of fun. They got to go swimming (indoors!) for the first time this year. My kids are like fish, and so they were thrilled to get to do that. I was running around to different stores at the last minute though, trying to find Rachel a bathing suit for this year. I didn't know i'd be having to find one in February! We also celebrated Logan's 10th birthday, and I just cannot get over that-- TEN! I have watched these kids grow up along side mine, and they are all growing and changing right before our eyes. It is sad how fast time flies! 

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